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Angelic Pet

Season 3 / Episode 8

Since last season Angel has been a captive of the
creepy Masked Man, drugged to inhibit her power.
Now she must face a new torture -- but only after a
lesson in combat with many KOs and humiliations.
Can she escape, or do more druggings await her?
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Season 3 / Episode 7

Held captive for months, Celestia is now visited by
a vengeful Bluebird with orders to test how strong
she is. Celestia battles hard, but Bluebird is driven
by hatred for Elite Force and seems determined to
do her mortal harm. Which girl will emerge on top?
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My Chloroform Hell

Season 3 / Special Release 7

Erica Lynn and Celestia must test their resistance
to chloroform in a no-holds-barred training match.
The two heroines fight hard to KO each other with
the drug, until a chloroform-wielding drone tries to
chloro them both! Can they work together to win?!
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Double Dimension

Season 3 / Special Release 6

Miss Freedom hopes to bring Eliza Rose to justice,
but falls into her dimensional trap instead! Wearing
a different outfit in each dimension, she fights back,
delivering a beating in two places simultaneously!
Can the villainess take down two Miss Freedoms?
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Season 3 / Episode 6

Athena shows her bravery by tracking down Alaric
alone. Luckily she finds him weaker than usual, an
advantage she exploits to the full. But when an old
enemy arrives, Athena finds herself bearhugged &
slammed all over the place in a brutal 3-v-1 battle!

New Season, New Crisis

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Side Mission 9: First Previews

Here are the first previews of Side Mission 9: Dark Dreams Out this weekend!

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Photo Of The Day: May 25th

She means business, and you will finally see her in action in this costume THIS WEEKEND.

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Photo Of The Day: May 24th

How do like a ‘Shadow Uppercut’ fiend? Shadowstar doesn’t look too confident that this will work…

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Photo Of The Day: May 23rd

The beautiful Mia has a new 72 photo set out now at it is Photo set 6, and contains poses and a continuation of our Kryptonite story.

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