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My Chloroform Hell

Season 3 / Special Release 7

Erica Lynn and Celestia must test their resistance
to chloroform in a no-holds-barred training match.
The two heroines fight hard to KO each other with
the drug, until a chloroform-wielding drone tries to
chloro them both! Can they work together to win?!
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Double Dimension

Season 3 / Special Release 6

Miss Freedom hopes to bring Eliza Rose to justice,
but falls into her dimensional trap instead! Wearing
a different outfit in each dimension, she fights back,
delivering a beating in two places simultaneously!
Can the villainess take down two Miss Freedoms?
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Season 3 / Episode 6

Athena shows her bravery by tracking down Alaric
alone. Luckily she finds him weaker than usual, an
advantage she exploits to the full. But when an old
enemy arrives, Athena finds herself bearhugged &
slammed all over the place in a brutal 3-v-1 battle!
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The Chaos Element

Season 3 / Side Mission 7

It's heroine vs. heroine as team-mates Comet Girl
and Virtue turn on one another thanks to a potent
hallucinatory gas. The friends punch, kick, choke,
crush and KO each other, oblivious to reality. Will
it wear off before one superheroine kills another?

Virtue Tamed!

Season 3 / Side Mission 6

Virtue goes to question a group of Darkhearts, but
they surprise her with a special gas which renders
her helpless. The four bad guys go to work on her,
making her sorry she confronted them. But Comet
Girl is on hand to save the day -- or so she thinks...

New Season, New Crisis

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Photo Of The Day: April 18th

Alaric seemed to get the better of Steel Sister, but it was pretty close.

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Photo Of The Day: April 17th

Bluebird is out for revenge… but will she ever find it? Season 3 Episode 7 out later this month.

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Photo Of The Day: April 15th

Don’t mess with this girl. Unless your name is Delilah Crunch, in which case yes, you can mess with her:¬†Delilah v Lucy

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Photo Of The Day: April 14th

I don’t think she is taking beating her opponent up too seriously.

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