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Season 3 / Special Release 14

Two ex-Darkhearts are looking to capture
and ransom a superheroine by luring them
into a trap. Comet Girl falls for it but the baddies
decide to kill her instead. Can she find a way
out of their clutches and win the day?

Splitting The Force

Season 3 / Special Release 13

Athena has been turned into a mind slave by
a mysterious villain. Her first mission under
his control is to destroy her friend
Miss Freedom by using a powerful potion to
control and make her beg for greater punishment!

Ready For Battle

Season 3 / Special Release 12

New Superheroine Red Glory makes
her debut against Alaric. A tough fight
at the best of times but now he is under
someone's control who seems to want
to defeat and capture the red heroine!
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Bluebird: New Danger

Season 3 / Special Release 11

Bluebird visits a dangerous super-villain
in maximum security prison to find out
where he has hidden his victims. He won't
talk until the room is sealed and when it
is he launches a deadly attack!
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Season 3 / Episode 9

Alaric is running wild empowered by Disciple
drugs and is looking to eliminate all remaining
superheroines. Miss Freedom and Celestia
arrive to take him on but are annihilated
quickly. Can anyone stop him?

New Season, New Crisis

NGC is a new and exciting way to enjoy original, live-action superheroine content. Following in the tradition of television shows like Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels, we produce an ongoing series of short films packed with hard-hitting action, intrigue and perilous situations. Our heroines use both brains and brawn to save the day -- and look spectacular, of course!

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Dimension Disaster! – First Previews

THIS WEEKEND: Celestia attempts to take down Eliza following her successes in alternate dimensions against Bluebird, Athena, and Miss Freedom. What has Celestia got that the others didn’t? Some dimensional abilities of her own! ¬†

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Photo Of The Day: February 8th

The Terrible Twosome – From Season 3 Episode 9 shoot. Celestia returns THIS WEEKEND!

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Photo Of The Day: February 6th

“I should have been Miss Freedom”

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Photo Of The Day: February 5th

Did you get the amazing Kandy Crisis #8 starring Diva? If she were a superheroine what colours would she wear?

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