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Get the Staff!

Season 3 / Side Mission 11

Celestia & Comet Girl break into Darkheart HQ to
retrieve her staff, but are ambushed by Alaric and
his minions. Comet Girl ends up in Alaric's choke-
hold while Celestia gets worked over 3-on-1! Will
they get the staff back, or end up as Alaric's toys?
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Season 3 / Side Mission 10

Still a captive of John Roman, Celestia must fight
Virtue to win back her freedom, her weapon, and
a place within Liberty Alliance. Virtue thinks she's
the stronger, but Celestia has learned some dirty
tricks. Who will win this slugging and kicking fest?
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Dark Dreams

Season 3 / Side Mission 9

Three costumes! Three villains! One Angel! In this
action-packed continuation of her captivity, Angel
must live through nightmare scenarios - including
fighting an unbeatable drone and facing a blonde
from her past! Can she escape her dark dreams?!
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Angelic Pet

Season 3 / Side Mission 8

Since last season Angel has been a captive of the
creepy Masked Man, drugged to inhibit her power.
Now she must face a new torture -- but only after a
lesson in combat with many KOs and humiliations.
Can she escape, or do more druggings await her?
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Season 3 / Episode 7

Held captive for months, Celestia is now visited by
a vengeful Bluebird with orders to test how strong
she is. Celestia battles hard, but Bluebird is driven
by hatred for Elite Force and seems determined to
do her mortal harm. Which girl will emerge on top?

New Season, New Crisis

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Photo Of The Day: July 7th

Some nice fan-art by our pal Andros Sant. Shadowstar was eventually KO’d and carried out of Lockdown City via a ‘rescue’ mission.

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Photo Of The Day: July 6th

Can you say CATFIGHT!! It’s a biggie, and it’s out this July. Unmissable.

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Battle Of Purity: COMING SOON

Just to whet your appetite: If you click on it then it GROWS!

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Photo Of The Day: July 5th

Virtue is on a roll and is back on your screens in less than a week!

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Photo Of The Day: July 4th

For all our American friends, a very special picture containing red, white, and blue, and stars, and Miss Freedom.

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