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Season 3 / Episode 3

Elite Force needs funds, so Miss Freedom has no
choice but to put on a skimpy outfit and prizefight!
First she faces a 6'6 male gladiator who smashes
and squeezes her sadistically, then she is caught
between the strong, suspendered thighs of Virtue!

Celestia: Future War

Season 3 / Special Release 4

A few years in the future, Celestia battles an agent
of The Collective for a file containing sensitive info
about her. He uses punches, chokes and stretches
against the cocky heroine, managing to put a mind
control collar on her. Will Celestia really be tamed?
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Lady Victory Origins – Part 2

Season 3 / Fail-Safe Sisters 18

Lady Victory defends her title against Sienna Vine,
a catsuited blonde warrior with surprising strength.
The beautiful brunette is pummeled until suddenly
Sienna's strength runs out, then a relentless battle
ensues. Which will end up the slave of the other?!
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Shadowstar: Double Weakened

Season 3 / Special Release 3

Shadowstar takes on Lt. Marina Hornblood again,
but this time Hornblood has the ability to turn the
Fail-Safe Sister's power against her... leaving her
doubly weakened! The villainess lands around 50
moves against the hapless heroine - is it all over?!
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Lady Victory Origins – Part 1

Season 3 / Fail-Safe Sisters 17

5 years before her death, Lady Victory was one of
many girls competing for the honour of leading the
Fail-Safe Sisters into battle. Here we see the final,
brutal battle - featuring neck scissors, face & body
blows, ground/mounted fighting & ragdoll attacks!

New Season, New Crisis

NGC is a new and exciting way to enjoy original, live-action superheroine content. Following in the tradition of television shows like Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels, we produce an ongoing series of short films packed with hard-hitting action, intrigue and perilous situations. Our heroines use both brains and brawn to save the day -- and look spectacular, of course!

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Photo Of The Day: August 27th

Lady Victory shocked by something going on off-camera. This sort of thing happens a lot.

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Photo Of The Day: August 26th

The KO Queen looks ready to attack.

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Photo Of The Day: August 25th

Out on General Release… Miss Freedom’s brutal battle with Qaran Casus, among many other tribulations for the blonde bombshell.

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Photo Of The Day: August 24th

Eliza still has Bluebird… is anyone going to help the heroine out?

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Photo Of The Day: August 23rd

Comet Girl in her Suki cosplay… Purple is remaining her colour though.

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