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Deja Vu: Part Two

Season 4 / Story 2

Deja Vu is left to take on 3 Darkheart thugs
and shows considerable promise.
However she is outnumbered and soon her
powers are waning. Perhaps goading them
into more fighting is a mistake?
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Deja Vu: Part One

Season 4 / Story 1

Our story continues as Candy Race goes
after a thug only to find he has super-
strength! When his back up arrives, she calls
for hers in the form of 'Deja Vu'. Can these 2
rookie heroines strike a blow for justice?
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Bluebird Auction

Season 4 / Villain Network 2

Welcome VIP's to our first ever Superheroine
auction! We have acquired the lovely
Bluebird and she can be your prize for mere
millions! Hurry up and download access to
the feed before someone else buys her!
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Myanna’s Revenge

Season 4 / Non-Canon 1

Myanna has escaped from Maximum Security
Prison and has one thing on her mind...
REVENGE! Specifically against Miss Freedom.
With some power remaining in her Dark staff,
she sets out to humiliate the blonde heroine.
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Hell & Back

Season 4 / Episode 11

Miss Freedom; de-powered and running from
a fight falls into the clutches of her #1 Fan -
The Masked Man. He's been after her for years,
so what does a sicko do when all of their dreams
come true? Miss Freedom is about to find out.

New Season, New Crisis

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Wonder-Diva: OUT NOW

Some final previews of our ‘Wonder-Diva Special’ which is OUT NOW at Diva looks stunning in the red and gold but the real stun comes when Sister Fate brings her face to face with her one true weakness!

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Photo Of The Day: February 16th

Oh Wonder-Diva, just what have you let yourself in for? Wonder-Diva v Sister Fate OUT NOW at

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Wonder-Diva: More Previews

Wonder-Diva is back TOMORROW at and she’s taking on Sister Fate in the ring… but the villainess has found a weakness in the Amazon’s armour that she can’t wait to exploit!

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Photo Of The Day: February 15th

Comet Girl CONFIRMED for 2018… but when?

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