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A Game Of Two Halves

Season 4 / Story 3

Wonderstrike may have met her match in
notorious Arch-Villain Alaric. Though she
fights brilliantly, she is unprepared for his
'new' power, and when he blindsides her,
the only outcome is disaster.
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Brand New Power

Season 4 / Non-Canon 2

Miss Freedom attempts to take down heroine
trader Darius 7 whose interested is ignited now
her powers are revitalized. Miss Freedom under-
estimates the danger she is in and must battle
to avoid a 5 year stretch at the villains pleasure.
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Deja Vu: Part Two

Season 4 / Story 2

Deja Vu is left to take on 3 Darkheart thugs
and shows considerable promise.
However she is outnumbered and soon her
powers are waning. Perhaps goading them
into more fighting is a mistake?
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Deja Vu: Part One

Season 4 / Story 1

Our story continues as Candy Race goes
after a thug only to find he has super-
strength! When his back up arrives, she calls
for hers in the form of 'Deja Vu'. Can these 2
rookie heroines strike a blow for justice?
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Bluebird Auction

Season 4 / Villain Network 2

Welcome VIP's to our first ever Superheroine
auction! We have acquired the lovely
Bluebird and she can be your prize for mere
millions! Hurry up and download access to
the feed before someone else buys her!

New Season, New Crisis

NGC is a new and exciting way to enjoy original, live-action superheroine content. Following in the tradition of television shows like Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels, we produce an ongoing series of short films packed with hard-hitting action, intrigue and perilous situations. Our heroines use both brains and brawn to save the day -- and look spectacular, of course!

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Photo Of The Day: March 21st

The Deceptress enjoying a nice sofa, which is better than a massive punch-up!

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Photo Of The Day: March 20th

Lucy looking to see who waits for her in the ring.

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Photo Of The Day: March 19th

Bluebird attempts to fool a very clever villain by wearing normal clothes and glasses… will it work? COMING SOON.

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