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Shadowstar: Double Weakened

Season 3 / Special Release 3

Shadowstar takes on Lt. Marina Hornblood again,
but this time Hornblood has the ability to turn the
Fail-Safe Sister's power against her... leaving her
doubly weakened! The villainess lands around 50
moves against the hapless heroine - is it all over?!
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Lady Victory Origins – Part 1

Season 3 / Fail-Safe Sisters 17

5 years before her death, Lady Victory was one of
many girls competing for the honour of leading the
Fail-Safe Sisters into battle. Here we see the final,
brutal battle - featuring neck scissors, face & body
blows, ground/mounted fighting & ragdoll attacks!

Friend or Foe?

Season 3 / Episode 2

Resplendent in a new outfit, Celestia faces Alaric
alone. His strength is overwhelming, so she uses
her special staff to hit back, but before long Alaric
reveals his chained captive - The Steel Sister - to
make her submit. All hope of victory is fading fast!

Bluebird: Unbeatable

Season 3 / Special Release 2

Bluebird takes on a gang and is so confident that
she begins with both hands behind her back. But
her arrogance is misplaced and the criminals put
her in a torture rack! Chokes, stretches and belly
punches ensue - can Bluebird's power save her?
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Season 3 / Side Mission 2

Bluebird has been a Darkheart slave for one year,
physically and psychologically broken and almost
fully obedient to new mistress Eliza Rose, and her
formidable subordinate. Can Bluebird escape this
daily torture? Or will she be brainwashed forever?

New Season, New Crisis

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Photo Of The Day: July 29th

Angel: Sinner or Saint? Neither really, I mean, absolute characters are kind of dull no?

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Photo Of The Day: July 28th

More cape action… back in filming soon.

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Photo Of The Day: July 27th

Either Celestia’s opponent her is really tall, or she’s a little paranoid… ready for anything.

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Photo Of The Day: July 26th

Lady Victory Origins Part 2 – Coming Next Weekend

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NGC’s 5th Birthday!

It’s our 5th Birthday! To celebrate we are having a ‘Better than half price sale’ on dozens of videos. BUT… there are only 5 copies available of each one at these prices. Click on any product in the drop-down menu that says ‘Offer’ to make the most of this situation before it’s all over. HURRY!

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