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Ready For Battle

Season 3 / Special Release 12

New Superheroine Red Glory makes
her debut against Alaric. A tough fight
at the best of times but now he is under
someone's control who seems to want
to defeat and capture the red heroine!
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Bluebird: New Danger

Season 3 / Special Release 11

Bluebird visits a dangerous super-villain
in maximum security prison to find out
where he has hidden his victims. He won't
talk until the room is sealed and when it
is he launches a deadly attack!
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Season 3 / Episode 9

Alaric is running wild empowered by Disciple
drugs and is looking to eliminate all remaining
superheroines. Miss Freedom and Celestia
arrive to take him on but are annihilated
quickly. Can anyone stop him?

Miss Freedom: Hypno-Shock

Season 3 / Special Release 10

Miss Freedom confronts a Darkheart intruder
whom she believes is stealing information.
It turns out this thug just wants her to look
at what is on his memory card so she will
fall into a hypnotic trance!
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Angel v Snare: Rematch

Season 3 / Special Release 9

Snare hates Angel for foiling him in the past, so he
shoots her with a dart that suppresses her powers.
Angel fights on valiantly, but Snare manages to tie
her up before photographing her hogtied. Will she
escape Snare's bondage, or be sold into slavery?!

New Season, New Crisis

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Virtue v Miss Suppression – Previews

Well, I say previews, but you can see a dozen more AND get the video NOW at just click the link!  

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Virtue v Miss Suppression – Trailer

Here is the trailer for this weekend’s BIG release at Miss Suppression, possibly the most devastating Villainess in NGC history is back, and Virtue is her quarry… what will happen when the light meets the dark?

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Photo Of The Day: November 25th

Excitement coming in December at

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