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The Trial

Season 4 / Episode 1

Celestia is a true heroine, sacrificing herself for
the good of others. In doing so she has also
turned her back on those who gave her power.
Now she stands trial by combat for her life, and
it seems the judge doesn't want her to win...

The Iron Drone

Season 3 / Special Release 17

Comet Girl is curiously delving into the Elite
Force vaults when she comes across the
huge Iron Drone. Accidentally awakening it,
she now must stop it from leaving on a path
to destroy all former Elite Force heroines!
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Bluebird Play Dead: Part 2

Season 3 / Bluebird Play Dead: Part 02

Bluebird wakes in the clutches of Samantha and
Jacob who continue to control and beat her.
It looks hopeless until an unlikely ally shows up to
help. But can Bluebird really trust Rex Deacon?
If not, what hope does she have of victory?
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No Loose Ends

Season 3 / No Loose Ends 1

Erica is set for termination but gets out of her
trance in the nick of time. Now she must have
a last brutal fight to the death with her captor
Qaran Casus. With Erica increasingly looking like
humanity's last hope, defeat would be catastrophic

Confidence Trick

Season 3 / Special Release 16

Bluebird has been called out to fight on global
TV by the absurd 'Luqtisto'. She doesn't take him
seriously and looks to beat him quickly but when
his power finally kicks in all of her confidence is
gone, leaving her at his mercy. Can she stop him?

New Season, New Crisis

NGC is a new and exciting way to enjoy original, live-action superheroine content. Following in the tradition of television shows like Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels, we produce an ongoing series of short films packed with hard-hitting action, intrigue and perilous situations. Our heroines use both brains and brawn to save the day -- and look spectacular, of course!

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Photo Of The Day: May 30th

Who wants to see this? And who do you think would win?

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Photo Of The Day: May 28th

Bluebird looking really great at the BB 2020 Part 3 shoot.

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New Season: FINAL Previews

OUT TOMORROW for Members and everyone else later in the weekend… Season 4 Episode 1: The Trial… Celestia finds herself at the mercy of a one-time shape-shifting mentor and is tried for her interference in the invasion (Season 3 Episode 9). She is given the option of trial by combat but her opponent is mighty, […]

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