Bluebird 2020 Part 1: Final Previews

In just a few hours Bluebird 2020 – Part 1 will be released to members (SIGN UP RIGHT NOW AND GET IT) Until then here are yet more excellent previews showing some of the action that you can expect.  

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Bluebird 2020 by Kostmeyer

Check out the amazing artwork Kostmeyer has done to commemorate Part 1 of our new Bluebird 2020 Mini-Series! (If you click on it you will see how HUGE it is.) Kostmeyer has agreed to do more of these as the series goes along charting Bluebird’s career. Visit his page: CLICK HERE

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Bluebird 2020 Part 1: First Previews

Here are some early previews of Part 1 of our Bluebird mini-series ‘Bluebird 2020’. The story charts a vendetta and takes place in three different vendetta’s. Bluebird is given the choice between hiding, or coming out fighting… Get this early and discounted CLICK HERE.  

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10 Members Films… What did you miss?

Having just released the 10th of our members only films there are still some people who haven’t signed up to get them. Here’s a run down of what we’ve released so far. Do yourself a favour and SIGN UP it’s free, will take about 10 seconds and you will never miss something you might like […]

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Celestia & Nina Photos Available

I felt it was high time to bring out this lovely photo-set for you all to enjoy featuring Celestia and Nina Hellfire in 55 Ultra High-Resolution posed shots. CLICK HERE    PS: Click on this photo to get a true sense of how big the REAL photos are… 5 times bigger AFTER you click.  

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