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Hell & Back

Season 4 / Episode 11

Miss Freedom; de-powered and running from
a fight falls into the clutches of her #1 Fan -
The Masked Man. He's been after her for years,
so what does a sicko do when all of their dreams
come true? Miss Freedom is about to find out.
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Spectrum v The Cyborg

Season 4 / Special Mission 15

Peace never lasts long for Elite Force, and
strange activity leads Spectrum to investigate,
where she finds a Cyborg programmed for her
destruction. With her powers near useless, she
must trust her hand to hand skills for victory.

Broken Wings: Part 2

Season 4 / Broken Wings: Part 02

Super-Bluebird is outclassed by the relentless
Sister Fate and is now taking so much
damage that she is on the verge of break-
down. Will surrender mean just a loss of
powers, or something far worse?
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The Equalizer

Season 4 / Special Mission 14

New recruit Candy Race gets the tough job of
taking down a Dark Superior Cyborg Assassin
equipped with Poison, KO Gas, and much more.
But she is 'The Equalizer' and any assassin better
kill her quick or face her full power!
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Broken Wings: Part 1

Season 4 / Broken Wings: Part 01

Super-Bluebird has been using her amazing
new powers to bring peace to the world.
But a new villainy has copied and enhanced
these abilities and send 'Sister Fate' to bring
about Super-Bluebird's surrender.

New Season, New Crisis

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Photo Of The Day: November 18th

The face doesn’t know what the right leg is doing.

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Hell & Back: Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, and Sunday for everyone else… ‘Season 4 Episode 11: Hell & Back’ charts a very difficult year of captivity and powerlessness for Miss Freedom at the hands of the Masked Man and his associates ‘Violetta’ and ‘Darius 7’. Finally we get to see what the mysterious villain wanted with Miss Freedom […]

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Photo Of The Day: November 17th

It’s the BIG ONE! ‘Hell & Back’ our longest ever film and the final finale of season 4… Admittedly out of continuity but if this entire series has been about one single character then it’s Miss Freedom. Taken from the members photo set out today as well.

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Hell & Back: More Previews

More previews of this weekend’s Miss Freedom extravaganza ‘Hell & Back’, weighing in at 33 minutes plus it is our longest ever episode and choc full of intrigue, captivity, fighting, multiple enemies, and several costume changes. We are delighted we got the chance to make it.

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