Member Gift: Angel Season 1

To go with the end of the seasons format we thought it would be nice to pair it with something from the beginning. Season 1 Episode 2 is really what made NGC take off and is a large part of why we are still making videos. Here are some unseen clips from that wildly popular […]

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Hell & Back: Teaser

‘Season 4 Episode 11: Hell & Back’ is almost here. Our longest ever film, shot and arranged after we released Episode 10, it is the video we never thought we would make.

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Also included in tomorrow’s bumper members email is our first proper photo story, ‘AMBUSHED!‘ starring Miss Freedom in her classic costume. Miss Freedom is convinced to do a modelling photo shoot for her fans, but it is all a ruse as the Masked Man is hiding in the studio and ambushes the busty blonde. He […]

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Iron Heroine: OUT NOW

Out now at – Iron Heroine sees Red Glory and Comet Girl doing battle over 12 hours! The pins and KO’s mount up as each of them fights desperately to defeat the other. Who wins? You decided.

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Broken Wings Part 2: Trailer

OUT NOW for Members, SUNDAY on this website. In Part 1 Super-Bluebird was tricked into meeting with Jacob Saint, who attempted to get her to take an antidote by choice to neutralize her amazing powers. Super-Bluebird refused so a new Arch Villain called Sister Fate was sent in to ‘persuade’ the Blue Beauty. Super-Bluebird was […]

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