Magenta Art by Kostmeyer

Some amazing Magenta artwork by Kostmeyer, it really looks like her! If anyone does some NGC artwork please get in touch so I can highlight it here. Kostmeyer’s DeviantArt Page

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Bluebird 2020: Part 3 Comic Cover

The third in the series of amazing comic book covers by Kostmeyer. Check out all his other work here.

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Bluebird Artwork by Kostmeyer

Our friend Kostmeyer has done a lovely cover to celebrate the release of Bluebird 2020 – Part 2. You can pick it up by clicking here and waiting for your welcome email, or wait until Monday. Visit Kostmeyer’s Deviant Art Page.

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Bluebird 2020 by Kostmeyer

Check out the amazing artwork Kostmeyer has done to commemorate Part 1 of our new Bluebird 2020 Mini-Series! (If you click on it you will see how HUGE it is.) Kostmeyer has agreed to do more of these as the series goes along charting Bluebird’s career. Visit his page: CLICK HERE

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Catherine Marks Artwork

We love featuring anything that artists kindly do of our characters. Here is one by Kostmeyer of Catherine Marks, in a sewer, holding sticks, and looking angry. Excellent! I guess she’s annoyed that whichever villain she is tracking has led her to a sewer.

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