Member Gifts: Virtue!

To go with the Hotshot v Malicia release at we’re releasing over 2 minutes of never-before-seen out-takes of Virtue from Season 3 Side Mission 6: Virtue Tamed! These out-takes are both action and modelling AND as ever, will be deleted and never seen again 48 hours after the Hotshot v Malicia release on Friday, […]

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Member Gifts for Kandy Crisis

To go with this weekends Kandy Crisis 13 release, we are including a video of never before seen takes from Kandy Crisis 7 starring Hi-Kix and Vixen. We’ve got over 2 minutes for you to enjoy IF you purchase Kandy Crisis 13 within 48 hours of its release on Friday morning. Make sure to visit […]

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Member Gift: Angel Season 1

To go with the end of the seasons format we thought it would be nice to pair it with something from the beginning. Season 1 Episode 2 is really what made NGC take off and is a large part of why we are still making videos. Here are some unseen clips from that wildly popular […]

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Member Gift: Miss Freedom

This weekend Spectrum is back and with this release we have a huge members gift of a 3 and a half minute video of Miss Freedom in her classic costume AND as Supergirl!! We’ll be saving the SG costume for a future photo release but you can at least enjoy moving pictures of it IF […]

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Member Gifts: Steel Sister

Here are the Member Gifts available for 48 hours with the purchase of ‘Iron Heroine’ at from Friday. Some out-takes of Steel Sister from Season 3 Episode 1. A short but sweet member of our team.

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