S4 Episode 7: Final Previews

OUT TOMORROW for MEMBERS… Later in the weekend for everyone else. Season 4 Episode 7: Dark Enmity stars The Deceptress, Harbinger, and Myanna Erica thinks she can do a deal with Harbinger over the dark staff, with Starshot waiting to teleport it to safety. However, when Starshot fails to come through, Erica is left at […]

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S4 Episode 7: More Previews

Coming this Friday for Members, and Sunday for everyone else: Season 4 Episode 7: Dark Enmity stars The Deceptress taking on Harbinger… that is until Myanna gets involved, and she has an axe to grind with everyone it seems.

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S4 Episode 7: First Previews

NGC Season 4 Episode 7: Dark Enmity is out this weekend. Trouble is brewing for The Deceptress, but maybe it isn’t far from Harbinger either…

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S4 Episode 7: Teaser

NGC Season 4 Episode 7: Dark Enmity – COMING THIS WEEKEND! The Deceptress calls a meeting with Harbinger to discuss the return of her staff for a global truce. The Villainess feels confident that she can take the staff anyway but Erica suggests it is under the control of Starshot and therefore out of Harbinger’s […]

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Masks & Identities – Final Previews

Out TOMORROW for MEMBERS and later in the weekend everywhere else. A dangerous villain has taken a shine to new heroine Infinity Girl and lures her to his lair. He needs a blonde heroine to carry out his plans and Infinity Girl fits the bill. Can she resist the power that the villain holds over […]

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