Game Of Two Halves: Final Previews

OUT NOW for Members, Sunday on this website… Wonderstrike has her hardest battle yet against the Demonic Alaric. A cruel villain thought killed by the Harbinger, but who turns out to be alive and well… But how? Whatever the reason, he has lost none of his passion for crushing Elite Force heroines, and though he […]

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Game Of Two Halves: More Previews

OUT TOMORROW for Members, Sunday for everyone else. Wonderstrike battles the much-fabled and considered dead Alaric, leader of the Darkhearts. Wonderstrike only knows him from his decimation of Bluebird on live TV before she joined Elite Force, and now she is testing herself against him. As possibly the strongest of all Elite Force heroines she […]

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Game Of Two Halves: Trailer

This weekend the story continues as Wonderstrike runs into Alaric, leader of the Darkhearts… But how can a dead man be back on the scene?

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Game Of Two Halves: 1st Previews

Our main story continues as we join Wonderstrike near the scene of devastation that Candy abandoned Deja Vu for. With things now settling down, Wonderstrike is giving the news media the lowdown on events. With Darkheart activity to blame it is important to stay vigilant. However, when our heroine is left alone she gets a […]

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Brand New Power – Final Previews

Miss Freedom meets up once more with Galactic and Inter-Dimensional Trader ‘Darius 7’. He has noticed that her powers are returned, increasing her value, he simply has to capture his prize! But Miss Freedom isn’t going to lie down easy. Out today for Members, and Sunday on this very website for everyone else.  

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