The Equalizer – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for members, and Sunday on this website… Candy Race makes a heroic debut against a cyborg sent to kill her, but he didn’t reckon on her amazing powers. All the same, poison is usually deadly. Will Candy’s career end before it has begun?

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The Equalizer – Trailer

Candy Race AKA The Equalizer runs into a Dark Superior Cyborg programmed to destroy ‘Sapien’ heroines. Not a good basis for their relationship. Candy is thrown in at the deep end against this powerful opponent, can she prove her worth? Or is her race already run?

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The Equalizer – 1st Previews

This weekend sees the debut of brand new heroine ‘Candy Race AKA The Equalizer’. A dark superior cyborg is on the loose and it’s up to Candy to take him down. However, he’s quite a box of tricks and using knockout gas and poisons to weaken her, but ‘The Equalizer’ isn’t finished quite so easily.

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Photo Of The Day: October 2nd

‘The Equalizer’ Candy Race… about to make her debut!

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