Photo Of The Day: February 11th

Do the Darkhearts know what they’re getting into? Deja Vu Part Two: Out TODAY for members, Sunday for everyone else on this website.

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Deja Vu: Part Two – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members and Sunday for everyone else. Deja Vu has been given a baptism of fire for her Superheroine career as she takes on 3 overpowered Darkhearts at once. Her martial arts skills appear to be second to none, but against a trio of twisted fiends will it be enough?

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Deja Vu: Part Two – More Previews

The Darkhearts appear to be tracking down heroines with useful powers and their interest does not seem to extend to Deja Vu. Are they making a big mistake? Find out TOMORROW if you are a member and Sunday on this very website!

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Deja Vu: Part Two – TRAILER

Coming this weekend (if you didn’t already know) Deja Vu takes on the bad guys all by herself. She looks pretty handy at fighting, but will that translate to victory against this sinister Darkheart trio?

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Photo Of The Day: February 5th

Can Deja handle a trio of super-charged Darkhearts? Find out this weekend in NGC Story #2: Deja Vu – Part Two!

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