Photo Of The Day: January 14th

Kicking Darkheart butt since… well, today.

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Deja Vu: Part One – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… ‘Deja Vu: Part One’ sees new recruits Candy Race and Deja Vu respond to a simple call for help that turns into something much more sinister. An old enemy appears to be rising up once more, but how is this even possible?

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Deja Vu: Part One – More Previews

OUT TOMORROW! Deja Vu Part One stars new Elite Force recruits Candy Race & Deja Vu herself against a familiar enemy, but one which seems a lot more powerful than in the past. Are the Darkhearts really back? If so, who leads them now, and where are they acquiring their strength from this time?

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Deja Vu: Part One – Trailer

Candy Race responds to a simple call for help that turns into something far sinister. Ghosts of the past are rising for Elite Force, but how is this even possible? With another newbie fresh out of training to join her, Candy faces off with Deja Vu against three deadly Darkhearts.

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Deja Vu: Part One – 1st Previews

The Post-Seasons era begins with ‘Deja Vu: Part 1’. Having vanquished Myanna and the Dark Superior threat, things have been running quite smoothly for Elite Force. A tentative alliance with Light Superiors has been formed and crime is under control. Miss Freedom has been able to concentrate on quality recruitment for her team and values […]

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