Photo Of The Day: December 6th

Surely you’ve got your copy of Kandy Crisis 13 by now?

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Kandy Crisis 13: OUT NOW!

OUT NOW at – Kandy Crisis 13 starring Diva Diva continues her mission to discover AJ’s whereabouts by going through the roster of ‘The Champ’s’ fight series. Diva takes to the ring in a Virtue costume to take on the secretive Jimmy Quiet, when he doesn’t cooperate she dons a Supergirl costume to channel […]

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Kandy Crisis 13: Final Previews

OUT TOMORROW – Kandy Crisis 13 starring Diva in her efforts to find AJ by taking on the world’s deadliest fighters. 3 separate fights dressed as Virtue, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. Make sure to hit tomorrow to get all the action PLUS a photo set.

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Kandy Crisis 13: More Previews

2 Days from Kandy Crisis 13 being released. Here are some more previews but make sure you check out if you want to be kept up to date with the story!

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Kandy Crisis 13: 1st Previews

Coming this FRIDAY to – Part 13 starring Diva! Our favourite Kandy Girl has infiltrated a fight series and is working her way through opponents in order to learn the whereabouts of AJ. It won’t be easy from this point though, as she takes on the secretive Jimmy Quiet and ‘The Champ’ himself. Has […]

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