Member Gift: Silver

To go with this release of Wonder-Diva, we have almost 4 minutes of Silver out-takes from Kandy Crisis #3 for you. Several out-takes and alternate angles of Silver taking on Hit-Woman and frankly coming off second best. Also a few posed videos while doing photoshoots. A must for any fan, but remember, this gets removed […]

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Members Gift: Celestia

If you purchase ‘Deja Vu: Part Two’ before Sunday evening you will receive a special out-takes video from the classic and wonderful ‘Celestia’s Bad Idea’. The one where Celestia decided to take on Miss Suppression, and as suggested by the title, it was a bad idea. That was a wildly popular video and anyone who […]

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Member Gifts: Athena Outnumbered

This week the Members Gift to go alongside any purchase of ‘Deja Vu: Part One’ is out-takes from the 2012 Season 2 classic: ‘Athena Outnumbered!’ where we first explored the threat that juiced up Darkhearts could pose. Athena is one of our most beloved characters and she’s looking pretty fantastic here, so if you have […]

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Members Gift: Miss Freedom Catsuit Action

For anyone who buys ‘Deceptress v Sister Fate’ from before Sunday evening we have a great gift for you. Some incredible action footage from Season 2 Side Mission 8 starring Miss Freedom. These takes haven’t been seen before, so whether you like Miss Freedom a little or a lot you will want this. After […]

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Members Gift: Bluebird Lost Video

A real treat for members who buy ‘Myanna’s Revenge’ within 48 hours of release as they will receive 3 minutes of footage from a Bluebird video we made that could never be released. None of this footage has ever been seen before apart from by me and the people at the shoot. But it will […]

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