Member Gifts: Virtue!

To go with the Hotshot v Malicia release at we’re releasing over 2 minutes of never-before-seen out-takes of Virtue from Season 3 Side Mission 6: Virtue Tamed! These out-takes are both action and modelling AND as ever, will be deleted and never seen again 48 hours after the Hotshot v Malicia release on Friday, […]

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Member Gift: Miss Freedom

This weekend Spectrum is back and with this release we have a huge members gift of a 3 and a half minute video of Miss Freedom in her classic costume AND as Supergirl!! We’ll be saving the SG costume for a future photo release but you can at least enjoy moving pictures of it IF […]

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Member Gifts: Steel Sister

Here are the Member Gifts available for 48 hours with the purchase of ‘Iron Heroine’ at from Friday. Some out-takes of Steel Sister from Season 3 Episode 1. A short but sweet member of our team.

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Member Gifts with Broken Wings Part 2

Even though Broken Wings Part 2 is really bloody good, we’re STILL going to give you a gift if you buy early this weekend. Catherine Marks first appeared when she rescued Bluebird from getting her ass kicked. Not gonna happen this time but we thought it would be good to remind you of some Catherine […]

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Members Gifts: 6th-8th October

Over 3 minutes of Athena out-takes from a film we made called ‘Heal or Harm’ that was also members only. This is getting deleted on Sunday, to get hold of it simply buy a copy of ‘The Equalizer’ before then.  

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