Season 1 Episode 3: Film Shoot

Oh… where to start on this one? The film was shot at the same premises as Episode Two, but clearly in a different room: a very high loading bay with a staircase to an upper floor, lots of doors leading to corridors to other rooms, and that lovely shutter we never used. Unfortunately large loading […]

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Season 1 Episode 3: Pre-Production

Ahh, The Golden Hornet. Much loved by many of our customers and friends, but has so far proved difficult to bring back. At the time of writing this character, I was convinced that I wanted a heroine from the Indian sub-continent. Being the ignorant spoon that I am, I was unaware of any currently in […]

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Create-A-Character: Update

So far we have six confirmed entries for Create-A-Character, and a few more more people saying they are ready to come up with ideas. If you have a character in mind that you wish to see brought to life, you have only a few days to send them to us if they are to be […]

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Season 1 Episode 2: Storyline

In general, I am not a huge fan of Good vs Evil. I don’t really like the idea that a character might be all good or all bad – grey areas are far more interesting. A classic goodie would be Miss Freedom. She is powerful, virtuous and someone people look up to, but she is […]

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Season 1 Episode 2: Film Shoot

The shoot for Episode Two took place outside London on November 1st 2009. In the time it took the actors to arrive, I had to decide on lighting for the room. It was possible to beam lights in from above as the room itself cut through the middle of the building, almost to the roof. […]

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