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Tough Justice II

Season 4 / Villain Network 3

Tough Justice II has new presenters Infinity
Girl and Spectrum who are ready to play the
game with the prisoner Maelstrom. The heroines
expect to win, but they've been double-crossed
by the shows producers who want a villain win!
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Freedom Costs

Season 4 / Story 4

Comet Girl is back from the netherworld and
on active Elite Force duty. However, when she
intercepts a simple jewel heist she encounters
the psychotic Malicia Divine, who uses her as
practice for her real quarry; Miss Freedom!
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Bluebird Undercover

Season 4 / Non-Canon 3

Bluebird goes undercover to find out if the
Masked Man is responsible for a disappearing
Miss Freedom. However her disguise does not
fool the arch villain, and soon it is he determining
what she will wear and how she will act.
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A Game Of Two Halves

Season 4 / Story 3

Wonderstrike may have met her match in
notorious Arch-Villain Alaric. Though she
fights brilliantly, she is unprepared for his
'new' power, and when he blindsides her,
the only outcome is disaster.
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Brand New Power

Season 4 / Non-Canon 2

Miss Freedom attempts to take down heroine
trader Darius 7 whose interested is ignited now
her powers are revitalized. Miss Freedom under-
estimates the danger she is in and must battle
to avoid a 5 year stretch at the villains pleasure.

New Season, New Crisis

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