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The Old Enemy

Season 4 / Transform 4

Miss Freedom goes undercover to infiltrate the Roman Organisation, only to find she's being interviewed by John Roman himself for a lowly secretary job. He's onto her, and after toying with her mentally and physically, he sets about controlling the heroine. For good.

Dark Mercenary

Season 4 / Non-Canon 34

Wonderstrike is closing in on an amazing victory over organised crime, with only a cornered Anvil left to take down. In desperation, he pays through the nose for a 'Dark Mercenary' to stop the wonderful heroine in her tracks. Is Wonderstrike ready?

Iron Invincibility

Season 4 / Non-Canon 33

The Deceptress gets called out by the Ex-Mayor controlling the Iron Drone for a fight. He promises her destruction, but our heroine shows her mettle. That is, until Nemesis shows up. What follows is a double-team that Erica would do well to even survive...

Miss Freedom: 7th Hell – Part 2

Season 4 / Non-Canon 32

Miss Freedom wakes to find herself still in Nemesis' 7th Hell, and his plans for her are even more heinous than before. She is desperate to convince him to let her go, but he must consult the client who put him up to these foul deeds, and whomever the client is, they aren't merciful.

Celestia in The Danger Room

Season 4 / Villain Network 18

Celestia means to find out what has happened to her disappearing team-mates. She goes undercover to find the answers, but only finds the Ex-Mayor waiting for her. What follows is a game of escape the trap before the clock runs down, and of course, failure is certain!

Super-Heroism since 2009

NGC has been bringing you live-action superheroine content since 2009. Follow our original characters through all the trials and tribulations that villainy can throw at them, and see if they can make it to the other side! Just as in the real world, there is always the next crisis to deal with and our heroines bring all the guts, bravery, and touch of feminine class needed to take down the bad guys!

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Danger Room: Candy Race – 1st Previews

OUT THIS WEEKEND… Elite Force heroines just keep falling into the Ex-Mayor’s trap! Candy believes she is investigating a stolen goods racket and poses as a sexy dancer invited to a party so that she can infiltrate the villainous compound and find out more. But it’s a party for one, and the Ex-Mayor has Candy […]

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Photo of the Day: March 7th

We also re-released this lovely Athena set with a guest appearance from Miss Freedom (it looks like Athena may not have wanted to share the limelight!). The link is in the email we sent you on Friday.

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Photo of the Day: March 6th

Wonderstrike as Dynamite Doll takes on Snare, and you’ve already been sent the email, so if you like the look of this then you better open it!

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Photo of the Day: March 5th

OUT TODAY! 5 Brand New Photo Sets and re-releases… Including ‘Super-Deceptress’ getting into big trouble and Nemesis continues his rampage! This set is gigantic at 237 photos, make sure to open the email when it comes!

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