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Limitations – Part 1

Season 4 / Story 32

The broken Dark Superior staff has gone missing and fallen into the hands of a mysterious stranger. Captain Liberty is dispatched to retrieve it but when Carmen Black doesn't want to give it up a fight starts, at first the Captain is pleased... but that may change.

Comet Girl Meets The Duke & Anvil

Season 4 / Non-Canon 29

Comet Girl goes solo once more and tries to take down a huge racketeering operation headed by Duke 'The Duke' Durkees and his business partner 'The Anvil'. Already sound difficult? That's because it is. Can Comet Girl overturn a 2 v 1 disadvantage? Or will she be dumpster fodder?


Season 4 / Story 31

Candy Race is being tested for a new drug to neuter her powers as per government directive. Private agency 'Equilibrium' will now administer these power-sapping drugs to all compliant heroines. The choice for Candy is; does she still want to comply?

Tough Justice 4

Season 4 / Villain Network 16

The Deceptress is back hosting 'Tough Justice' but she should have learned the first time that the game is rigged and she is on trial. This time Shiva Derecha uses a Power Sink to remove her enhanced strength and she must use her training to avoid KO's and Bimbofication. It isn't easy.

First Day of 100 Years

Season 4 / Broken Wings: Part 03

Super-Bluebird narrowly defeated Sister Fate but immediately went after her boss: The Crown Prince. This was a huge error. Offending the Prince causes him to enlist Nemesis to not only end the 'Super-Bluebird' reign, but to bring about a total surrender, and this is only day one.

Super-Heroism since 2009

NGC has been bringing you live-action superheroine content since 2009. Follow our original characters through all the trials and tribulations that villainy can throw at them, and see if they can make it to the other side! Just as in the real world, there is always the next crisis to deal with and our heroines bring all the guts, bravery, and touch of feminine class needed to take down the bad guys!

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On Guard – Final Previews

Out NOW for Members, Sunday on this website… The Deceptress tries desperately to keep a huge chunk of Redstone out of Requiem’s hands, even going to the length’s of splitting into a thousand clones and sacrificing them just to waste the villains time… But in the end, it was always going to come down the […]

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Photo of the Day: December 4th

The Steely look that tells you… she knows she’s better than you are.

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On Guard – Trailer

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘On Guard’ sees the Deceptress left alone at Elite Force HQ to defend a large piece of Redstone in their vault from Requiem. Erica’s plan is to split herself across a thousand multiverses to buy time for help to arrive. This will mean severely weakened clones sacrificed […]

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Photo of the Day: December 3rd

“What the hell happened last night?” – Miss Freedom’s downward spiral continues…

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Member Gift: Virtue & Vice v Curse

This weeks Member Gift, to go alongside ‘On Guard’ starring Deceptress, takes us back to a very, very, very hot day in the summer of 2018 as Vice & Virtue took on Commander Curse in the Championship ring. Lot’s of UNSEEN video here for you to enjoy, make sure to open Friday’s email!

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