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Phased Out – Part 1

Season 4 / Story 20

Starshot's amazing powers have for once done her a disservice. When her friends beamed to Sanctuary her strange physiology held her back. Now she is at the mercy of the Announcer and a new villain called 'The Anvil', what will become of her?

Silvershot – 87 Photos

Season 4 / Photo Sets 5

A photo set of Starshot in her silver space-age costume. All posed modelling with a stool involved. 87 Photos in total.

Comet Girl v 3 Hoodlums

Season 4 / Non-Canon 15

Comet Girl chases down a couple of thieves but in fact it is a trap orchestrated by a trio of brothers with a vendetta against her for putting their 4th brother behind bars. Traps neutralize Comet Girl's speed and soon she is at their sadistic mercy.

Pleasing The Prince

Season 4 / Story 19

Miss Freedom is used as bait to draw out her many team-mates who have inexplicably slipped through the Crown Prince's fingers. Even stranger, he cannot locate them, so Miss Freedom will be humiliated until they show.

Training Room Alpha

Season 4 / Villain Network 7

Miss Freedom is invited to take part in a new training regime; 'Training Room Alpha' - This cutting edge technology pits her against a hologram of The Dominator. Tough at the best of times, but made worse when it turns out to be a VTV trap!

New Season, New Crisis

NGC is a new and exciting way to enjoy original, live-action superheroine content. Following in the tradition of television shows like Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels, we produce an ongoing series of short films packed with hard-hitting action, intrigue and perilous situations. Our heroines use both brains and brawn to save the day -- and look spectacular, of course!

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Metro-Girl: Dark Money – More Previews

When Metro-Girl uncovers a link between gangland Kingpin Falcone and the President, she is determined to get to the bottom of it, her long time mentor Agent Cusack teaches her the harsh lesson about lines you simply don’t cross. Out TOMORROW at

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Photo Of The Day: August 22nd

The Golden Goddess Athena! What’s your favourite Athena episode?

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Metro-Girl: Trailer

‘Metro-Girl: Dark Money’ is out at this FRIDAY, here is the trailer, make sure you don’t miss it!

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Photo Of The Day: August 21st

The Amazing Infinity Girl from her debut episode: CLICK HERE

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Member Gift: Supreme Girl

To go alongside ‘Metro-Girl: Dark Money’ we have a gift for all early-birds who purchase within 48 hours: Supreme Girl unseen! Over 2 minutes of the time NGC’s Spectrum donned the famous Blue and Red costume in Action Cosplay video ‘Who Are You?’ from last year. To get these extra clips make sure you buy […]

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