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Villain’s Accomplice – Part 1

Season 4 / Transform 6

Wonderstrike's undercover mission to take down Dr Progress for his sickening crimes goes badly wrong, and she must fight in a 2 v 1 situation to maintain her freedom. If she loses this fight, the Dr has wicked plans for her!

Celestia in 7th Hell

Season 4 / Non-Canon 35

A defeated Celestia finds herself at the mercy of the Anvil and the Crown Prince, so none is expected. The Anvil has designed a fate for her so awful that even she cannot believe its twisted nature. Can Celestia avoid this eternal nightmare? Or be swept into 7th Hell?

Office Rescue

Season 4 / Transform 5

Celestia goes undercover to rescue Miss Freedom from the clutches of the Roman Organization. Unfortunately for her, many traps have been laid, and it is she who will need rescuing when the party of peril is over!

Candy in The Danger Room

Season 4 / Villain Network 19

Candy's undercover mission is another of the Ex-Mayor's traps that she haplessly falls into and becomes the newest star of 'Danger Room' - The Villain Network's #1-Rated Show! Lasers, Blasters, and Giant Burrowing Bugs all await Ms Race unless she can get free! But can she?

The Old Enemy

Season 4 / Transform 4

Miss Freedom goes undercover to infiltrate the Roman Organisation, only to find she's being interviewed by John Roman himself for a lowly secretary job. He's onto her, and after toying with her mentally and physically, he sets about controlling the heroine. For good.

Super-Heroism since 2009

NGC has been bringing you live-action superheroine content since 2009. Follow our original characters through all the trials and tribulations that villainy can throw at them, and see if they can make it to the other side! Just as in the real world, there is always the next crisis to deal with and our heroines bring all the guts, bravery, and touch of feminine class needed to take down the bad guys!

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AC: Raising the Bar Part 1 – First Previews

Out on Friday at … Marvelette goes to interrupt a high-level mob meeting that she knows is being held without her benefactor present. To take in heads of rival families would only strengthen his hand nationwide. Unfortunately, she has been ensnared by Nemesis who has learned of her attachment to Falcone, and appears to […]

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Photo of the Day: May 17th

Well, we had to, didn’t we. Coming FRIDAY to!

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Photo of the Day: May 16th

OUT TODAY! Wonderstrike returns to action in Part 1 of ‘Villains Accomplice’ – a TRANSFORM series story. Dr Progress thinks he can lay low and party on Earth, but Wonderstrike wants justice!

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Photo of the Day: May 15th

Just 24 hours left if you want to get ‘Pleasing the Prince’ UNSEEN and EXTENDED takes. Open yesterday’s email!

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TRANSFORM: Wonderstrike – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for MEMBERS, Sunday on this website – ‘Villains Accomplice – Part 1’ sees Wonderstrike’s undercover sting go badly wrong and the tables turned against her. Expecting a routine arrest, instead she runs into big trouble and a 2 v 1 fight in a weakened state. Can she recover to claim the victory for […]

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