11th Birthday Sale!

Yes, unbelievably, 11 years have gone by since Powerstar’s debut and the first ever NGC video. The adventures of 30+ superheroines have played out before you. Some appeared only once or twice, others many times, and we are grateful to all of the actors both Male and Female, Hero and Villain, who have made this project what it is. From one Global Crisis to the next we’ve been making videos and enjoying it, for the most part, thanks to your support. Most importantly we fully intend to continue, virus permitting, very soon. Please check the dropdown menu for all videos currently on offer at BETTER THAN HALF PRICE. We are making 10 copies of each available before we put the price back to normal so make sure you hurry because the most sought after titles always go fast.

Thanks again and make sure to keep checking the site for updates.


  • Just wanted to thank you guys for the sale. I spent quite frankly an embarrassing amount of money on a mass purchase that I wouldn’t have done otherwise, and it’s been completely worth it. As always, looking forward to whatever comes next!

  • Alan Jones says:


    I am being incredibly stupid I think – where is the drop down menu? I can’t see where to find the discounted videos (wanted to check if any Majesty stuff was on sale).



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