13th Birthday ‘Better Than Half Price’ SALE!

It has been 13 years since Powerstar barged into a room to fight John Roman. Some 400 videos later across all sites we’ve seen near 100 characters come and go, and in some cases stay, and an on-going story that has at least tried to remain coherent despite no one being held to a contract and pandemic disruption. Now you get the chance to get any NGC video older than 1 year that appears on this site at better than half-price. 268 in total. However, only 7 copies of each will be available at this huge discount. The videos that still have any of their 7 copies left will be marked ‘SALE‘ on their preview picture in the menu, you can’t miss it. Happy hunting.


  • I had a feeling. I got in there early-doors (before the email) and got a big bunch of my must-haves. As in previous sales, I’ll probably be tempted further, and end up spending too much 😆
    Happy Birthday NGC 😀

  • Also, you sneaky NGC you. Did you just unveil a new costume in a tiny pic at the bottom of the email? You had me zooming in. Is that Lady X? I’m about 75% sure it is, but at that size it’s tricky to tell. There does look to be an X on it.
    Anyway, she looks awesome, and I can’t wait to see it full sized 😀

    • Same here. Happy Anniversary NGC and thanks for having the sale. I was able to get some older videos that I’d had my eye on for a while now.

  • Bought almost everything from day 1. I think I have skipped only the virtue ones because I have some beef with that costume. So I don’t have much benefit from the sales.
    But.. I seem to have skipped one video with candyrace in the dangerroom . So picked that one up. Happy birthday. Keep on doing what you doing.

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