Season 1 Episode 2: Storyline

In general, I am not a huge fan of Good vs Evil. I don’t really like the idea that a character might be all good or all bad – grey areas are far more interesting. A classic goodie would be Miss Freedom. She is powerful, virtuous and someone people look up to, but she is also complacent and arrogant at times. Even a character like Rain/John Roman is not necessarily getting personal pleasure from his deeds – he is merely carrying them out to further the overall plan. Episode Two brings us to Angel… [POSSIBLE SEASON ONE SPOILERS AHEAD]



Those of you who have seen the complete Season One will have formed your own opinions about the Russian starlet. But is she all bad? Or a victim in her own right? Angel was brought to Elite Force training by James Roman, to be used as his mole among trainees and operatives. While Angel trusted James (perhaps something to do with his own powers of suggestion) she went into the training set out in Episode Two broadly neutral about the Force.

This scenario may just have been designed to be as harsh as possible, to instill a feeling of hatred within Angel for the organisation she has pledged to help destroy. Angel hid her true powers from the Force at James’ request, yet instead of receive an easy ride, she was put up against robotic drones time after time that she could not manipulate – and none more brutal than the drone in Episode Two.

Is James Roman really her ally? Well, it’s an opinion at least. Angel makes choices throughout Season One that lead to an ultimate betrayal, and it’s fair to say that at this starting point she is clearly quite vain. The question is… will she come to regret her decisions? To get the whole video CLICK HERE.

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