Still Photo’s with Shadowstar Release!

The release of our first ever ‘Fail-Safe Sisters’ film is less than 24 hours away. To celebrate we are also going to throw in 20 High Resolution pictures from the shoot. Here is one example (the real one’s are 10 times BIGGER):

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Shadowstar! Sneak Preview

With the advent of ‘The Fail-Safe Sisters’ comes their first heroine: SHADOWSTAR! Over the next couple of days we will be revealing her costume to you all, so keep checking back!… Now Fully Revealed!    

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Introducing: ‘The Fail-Safe Sisters’

    NGC Productions is proud to present it’s new series – ‘The Fail-Safe Sisters’   The action takes place apart from ‘Next Global Crisis’ and is set in a world where a bloody war has just ended, and it looks as though the bad guys won. The Fail-Safe Sisters, five super-powered women who acted […]

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Create-A-Character: Diary Part 2

As stated before we really wanted the gap between people choosing the character and bringing her to life to be as short as possible. I sent out casting calls for this part and with a view to filling the other 4 roles of the Fail-Safe Sisters and got a very strong response of about 500 […]

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Create-A-Character: Diary: Part 1

With just 8 days to go before we release the ‘Shadowstar’ video, I am going to delve into the timetable of this whole exercise and remind people of how it came about.   At the turn of the year I announced that we would be giving viewers and users of our site the chance to […]

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