Season 1 Episode 5: Storyline

We had given Miss Freedom a fairly powerful and kick-ass introduction in Episode 4. The way in which villains fled or failed against her incomparable might was to show that her might was… incomparable. This is great, I love all that, but characters without any weakness or any form of vulnerability get very boring, very quickly. There was probably room to have more fun with Miss Freedom just smacking down bad guys for a few more videos. In fact, had we been running the Training Room at this point we probably would have (as we did in Training Room 10). But no, for the episodes there needs to be a hint that she is not infallible.



Indeed, we see in Miss Freedom a big problem… arrogance. This is understandable, if you have been better than everyone else for as long as you can remember then it is not misplaced is it? However, in Episode 5 this character flaw shows itself, and also the deep insecurities that it hides. She meets a man in Dr Truth who is not impressed by her resume, someone who wants to probe deeper into her psyche, as well as teach her a lesson.

Once the bravado is out of the way, what is left? Does she really believe in herself and her power? Dr Truth is at pains to humiliate Miss Freedom, but takes the greatest pleasure from seeing her do it to herself. The point of all this is to cast a shadow of doubt in her mind, that there are some people that she cannot simply beat into submission. But will she heed the warning?

Another reason why this Episode is something of a storyline lynch-pin is that it establishes Miss Freedom’s dependency upon Angel. Miss Freedom finds herself in the only bind isn’t able to get out of, when lo and behold, here comes a team mate who can solve this problem for her. I guess Miss Freedom has nothing to worry about again?

















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