Rehabilitated – 117 Photos

As of this morning we have released the photo-set for Season 2 Episode 6: Rehabilitated. Below is a preview, if you click on that you will see that although the photos are already a decent size you will actually get them 5 times BIGGER than that in the set.   If you would like to […]

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Episode 6 Preview Trailer

Here is your chance to view the episode 6 trailer, members have had access since Friday:  

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NOTICE FOR MEMBERS: Episode 6 Spoilers

Episode Six contains big surprises which we highly recommend viewers discover for themselves as the story unfolds.  We planned these developments before Season 2 even began, and have kept them a closely guarded secret until now.  Therefore we have prepared a “spoiler free” trailer for those of you who wish to get the most enjoyment […]

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Episode 6 – Sneak Preview Caps 2

…and here are a few more caps for you to enjoy before the release of Season 2 Episode 6 TOMORROW (for members) monday night for everyone else. Remember if you’ve SIGNED UP you’ll get it 3 days early and 20% off normal price. Meanwhile look at these…

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Episode 6 – Sneak Preview Caps 1

We are days away from the release of Season 2 Episode 6, and it could be our most surprising effort to date. To whet your appetite I present a few screen captures from the episode which is still being edited! If you would like to get Episode 6 early AND with a nice 20% discount […]

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