Season Two So Far… Part 1

As we hurtle towards the half-way point in season two, I felt it would be a good idea to recap some of the goings on to this point.

[SPOILER ALERT] If you’ve not bought any of the Season Two films, or just some of them, then what I say here might spoil it. Perhaps you will want to know before you purchase a film, which is fine but I felt I should warn those who like surprises.

Between the seasons James Roman (in his brothers absence) took full control of Red Mist and worked hard to promote it’s importance. He played up the tragedy of his brother John, who now lies comatose in a hospital bed, severely burned by the explosion in Season One Episode Nine. James tells the public that this was a result of a last gasp assassination attempt by Miss Freedom, and has used this as a pretext to order the capture or assassination of all former Elite Force operatives. Though unsavoury, the public go along with this heavy-handed action as they are still angered by Elite Force’s betrayal of their trust. The entire basis of the season one plot.

In Season Two Episode One, we see the beginnings of James’ assassination policy. He has had to organise a very professional squad, not simply because capturing a superheroine is very difficult, but also because at least one member of the public had taken matters into their own hands – killing waifs and strays in a deluded attempt at ‘helping’ Red Mist…. more on that later. The first main target is Bluebird, and James dispatches an assassin called Subber with a couple of helpers to deal with her. They con her into believing she is saving one of the goons from a robbery before turning on her. Bluebird fights bravely but she is outnumbered, and far worse than that, the assassin has access to a super-strength drug which makes Bluebird’s task near impossible.

While Elite Force operatives were in hiding, James seized all data on them and all training room files to discern weaknesses and run tests on his own squad to close the power gap. Red Mist are a heavily funded international operation and could build on Elite Force scientific experiments to create a drug that simulates super-strength. A crude version of this was formulated for Sebastian Luner in his fight against a much weakened Miss Freedom, but by Season Two the drug was becoming more refined. The drugs program was code-named ‘Project:Disciple’ and better quality super-strength drugs were now part of all Red Mist assassin’s arsenal.

Bluebird is defeated and sedated. While tied to a chair Subber goes through the ritual of testing her DNA and taking pictures of her to prove he has the right woman. Something Red Mist can match to the DNA records that Elite Force already have for her. Again, this process is necessary to stop vigilante’s killing heroine’s themselves. Bluebird wakes and finds that her time is almost up… but she has been tracked by another.

In Season Two Episode Two we are introduced to Catherine Marks, a woman who works for Red Mist in the lower echelons of the organisation. Like a member of the public, she is not privy to James Roman’s plans and used to believe fully in the idea of Elite Force betrayal of the public. One day, that all changed. Her job at Red Mist was to catalog and review security tapes from the Elite Force training facility. This menial task took on a sudden importance when she stumbled upon footage from the downstairs storage areas of what appeared to be John Roman breaking the neck of a security guard (Season One Episode Six). All other footage from that day had been mysteriously erased, it was clear that whoever was trying to cover this incident up had not been aware that this tape existed. Catherine now called into question everything she had been told. The good and innocent John Roman appeared to be a big PR stunt, meaning nobody could be trusted. She wondered if she should release this film to the public… but with Red Mists tendrils so deep in the media world it seemed too much of a risk. Trained extensively in martial arts she began to take an interest in the burgeoning assassination policy. With her limited access she was able to feel confident that Elite Force operatives were in fact innocent of the charges laid against them. Her resourceful nature and the bending of a few rules gave her the opportunity to intercept radio transmissions between assassination squads. It was a radio interception that gave her details of the attempted assassination of Bluebird, so she set off to stop it.

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