Season Two So Far… Part 2

In Episode Two we see Catherine arrive at her destination. She is a formidable fighter but again she struggles against Subber and his goons as they overpower her. Worst of all they remove her mask, bringing them one step closer to discovering her within Red Mist itself. Ultimately she rescues Bluebird and together they see off Subber and his men. Bluebird, haunted by her near death experience, is in little mood to trust anyone. Catherine tries to earn this with her knowledge of John Roman and the fact she is putting her life on the line to save Elite Force operatives. They both leave, Catherine hopes Bluebird can help her draw together the remaining Elite Force heroines. Bluebird is less certain of this plan…

In Episode Three we see the continuation of Red Mist’s assassination policy and the potential of an Elite Force member long forgotten rejoining the fold. Erica Lynn AKA ‘The Deceptress’ never made it out into the field as an Elite Force operative. She went through full training and was even given a moniker to go by, however she was skeptical of Elite Force ideology at that time and left the program for a more ‘normal’ life. As a member of the public she watched in horror at what happened to Powerstar (a contemporary of hers from training days) and vowed to put on her costume once more to avenge her friend. This coincided with Red Mist working through old Elite Force lists of trainees and operatives that required termination. James set up a meeting between Erica Lynn and his current favourite assassin; Alexa Topaz. The plan was simply to kill Erica, but both Alexa and James under-estimated her power, not only its strength but also its meaning. With the help of a trusty henchman Alexa felt after a hard fight that she had dealt a killer blow to Erica. Only to find the body she had killed was a mirage and the real thing was perfectly safe but also much wiser about Red Mist’s true plans. Erica set off in search of real allies.

Episode Four focused for the first time on the whereabouts of three individuals whose lives had been irrevocably changed by the season one finale. Sebastian Luner, as far as the public were concerned was either still at large on his own or gone, last seen defeated by Jade Vendetta on live TV in Red Mist’s most cunning ruse. Of course, Luner would go on to defeat Miss Freedom and narrowly avoid the blast which hospitalised John Roman. After this incident James Roman placed Sebastian in a kind of witness protection program. He had to remain in hiding and take on a new identity whenever he met anyone but aside from that could have anything he wanted. This was not enough for Sebastian and as boredom set in his anonymity lapsed on a handful of occasions. Hot on his heels and desperately seeking information on him were Suki Deluxe and Celestia. In the case of the latter, Sebastian was of minimal interest. Having fulfilled her duty in the season one finale, Celestia was now free and Suki was the only person she knew, so a friendship of sorts was established over several months. It was in Suki’s interest to maintain this also because it was clear Celestia wielded great power in a time of great danger.

Suki was obsessional in her quest for revenge against Sebastian and Red Mist. She felt somewhat responsible for what happened to Miss Freedom, but more importantly had felt violated by the months of mind control she had been placed under by the Roman brothers. When Sebastian lapsed again with a local hooker she was able to track him down to a safe-house. Upon arrival she asked Celestia to leave Sebastian to her, a personal feud needed to be settled. What Suki failed to take into account was the rapidly improving drugs available to Red Mist lackey’s like Luner via Project:Disciple. It was a disaster, on an ordinary day Suki would be marginally stronger and more skilled than Sebastian in a fight. With ‘bespoke’ Project:Disciple drugs coursing through his system however, Sebastian was far too much for her to handle… TO BE CONTINUED


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