Season Two So Far… Part 3

As Suki neared total annihilation at Luner’s hands she was just able to call out to Celestia, who arrived with her amazing staff and appeared to have things under control. Suki’s anger was to get the better of her again though when she consumed Sebastian’s final pill. She hoped for super-strength of her own in order to deal with him, only to find that these particular drugs were meant for him alone. Her reaction to the pill was swift and her radiation powers began to amplify out of control, injuring Celestia and Sebastian alike. Realising that to stay in the vicinity would kill Celestia, Suki took off. Leaving her friend at the mercy of Sebastian, whose multiple lives really came in handy at times like these. Celestia refused to give up the secrets of her staff, but was now helpless as Luner took her captive.

Suki roamed the streets in costume, desperately looking for an area where she could emit her build-up of radiation without harming the public, she at last found a space and let loose. The beacon of light she gave off in that instant alerted Red Mist to her whereabouts, and another who would prove vital to her fate.


In Episode 5 Red Mist moved into the area of ‘Suki’s Supernova’ and a half mile perimeter of guards was set up, sealing the area off from the public, but NOT canny Elite Force members… Eliza Rose – a legitimately super-strong Red Mist assassin was sent to deal with whatever she found. In this case, a weakened Suki Deluxe. Just as Eliza was delighting in physically punishing the purple catsuited babe, Athena showed up. A fight ensued, Eliza consistently under-estimated Athena’s ability and once Suki summoned enough strength to get involved 2 v 1 was too much for Eliza. The Elite Force duo had their victory cut short however by a man in a creepy plain mask. It turned out that he was the one killing random girls in the hopes of joining the fight against Elite Force. Before he could kill both heroines Eliza recovered and stopped him, demanding to know who he was, so he fought her instead. She was able to last just long enough to call for back-up, causing both Elite Force heroines to run. Unfortunately, Suki was in no fit state for escape and chose to risk capture in the hope of bringing this new threat with her. It worked, but only by paying a huge price.

Now on the cusp of Episode 6 Red Mist have a masked psychopath in custody, one Elite Force operative crossed off their list, Celestia at their mercy and still Elite Force appears to be splintered. Bluebird survived her encounter with both Subber and Eliza, and now has Catherine and Athena for company, but not Suki. Erica meanwhile, has made them aware of her presence and it should be a matter of time before they join. Athena now knows about Celestia from Suki’s own lips, but a rescue mission is surely too ambitious at this point? Isn’t it?

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