Members Alert: New Film – Feb 6th

At some point on Wednesday February 6th we will be releasing a new Members Only film, part of the ‘One Chance Series’: If you miss the email you’ll never see the film. If you are new here and not yet a member then CLICK HERE (it’s Free).

Comments for: Members Alert: New Film – Feb 6th

  • Shikhs says:

    around what time will this film be released? been waiting all day still haven’t received any e-mail

  • editor says:

    In about 5-10 minutes.

  • Nick says:

    This was amazing. Thank you so much. Also I think you should do more “One Chance Series” with Shadowstar down the road

  • editor says:

    Thanks a lot, we certainly plan to.

  • Dr. Bill says:

    Merissa’s roundhouses are pure art! Regular fistic ballistics! Good to see her back in action.

  • Derek says:

    Another wonderful production. My compliments to everyone concerned.Shadowstar is a very good character, flawed by over-confidence of course, but a convincingly powerful fighter, and it helps that she looks soooo good in the fits-where-it-touches costume!
    I know that in this case it was necessary for the story that the knots were done badly, but can I suggest for a future bondage peril – perhaps when we find out Angel’s final fate – that you use a slightly lower grade of rope. If Japanes bondage rope from the on-line adult stores is too expensive, try B&Q for sash cord which you can buy in the lengths you want. You don’t have to go as far as some of the specialist websites, particularly as on-screen tying is expensive on shooting time, but if it going to look inescapable there can be no slack knots on screen. If the actress needs to do a “with-one-bound-she’s-free” escape, hide the actual knot inside the bond. It is only a small point, but sometimes these things catch the eye and destroy the conviction of the scene.
    All that aside, this was really very entertaining, and having watched both endings, I’d vote for Shadowstar losing – if you were running a poll. :-)

  • rodrigo schiavini says:

    she will lose but with many belly punches

  • jeffrey says:

    shadowstar was awsome

  • jeffrey says:

    are there going to be anymore interviews by the cast

  • editor says:

    We’d like to do more at some point, we are very pressed for time on shoots. We will likely pick it up again if/when that changes.

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