Photo Of The Day: December 29th

Who should she dominate next?

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: December 29th

  • darkwrath016 says:

    Starshot! My vote is for Starshot! Make this happen soon NGC!!

  • bleh says:

    how about the ko queen?

  • Wrecker says:

    Virtue! Or Wonderstrike! Infinity Girl?

  • rob says:

    hmmmm, I will echo bleh’s comment and say ko queen. would be fun to see these two interact.

  • AlyAdmirer says:

    Bluebird. That would be both a real test and, if she can, a real statement… :-)

  • Eero Kallio says:

    I would like to see her destroy Miss Suppression!

  • Senator says:

    I would like to see her destroy Miss Suppression!

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    It’s interesting reading some of these comments about wanting a villainess to be destroyed. Well as long as where going that route, if a villainess is one of the options, then would it be too much to ask for the dominator to get dominated.

  • OldBear says:

    Yeah, would love a villain vs villain showdown, but I think you mentioned that it probably wouldn’t happen. So the only thing I would like to request is that in The Dominator’s next outing can we get a more elaborate alternate ending for her? Something a bit more than just a simple punch or kick, you know? I just want to see this actress get a chance to sell some good KOs at some point.

  • Nixon says:

    Starshot would be a nice choice. My default will always be to see The Deceptress having her back abused but that would be asking a bit much so soon after her latest defeat, I suspect.

  • Josh says:


  • TBob says:

    Ms Freedom

  • Ford says:


  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Agreeing with Oldbear. I feel as though the villainess deserves a more fleshed out ending when they get defeated. I remember buying Lucy Z vs Harbinger and was completely excited for the alternative ending where the Harbinger gets defeated. Only, it was a disappointing one punch knockout. I understand that time is limited but I feel as though an extra minute where the villainess is the one humiliated would go a long way in a lot of these battles. Food for thought.

  • editor says:

    Okay, the suggestion is sort of that this hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind. That extra minute of film will probably take half an hour to do which doesn’t seem like much but it really, really is. If we could fit something longer in we would do it and likely advertise it too. That particular video was a monumental squash match and so that is where the attention was firmly directed I’m afraid. If it had been a closer fight then we would have done more with both endings.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Thanks for providing insight on that. I wouldn’t have thought an extra minute would translate to an extra hour of filming. Really changes my prospective on a few things

  • editor says:

    Yes, I wish it weren’t so. We could do amazing things.

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