Photo Of The Day: May 27th

She has so much fun toying with heroines.

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: May 27th

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Especially our lovely Deceptress. I wonder who she’s going to ‘toy’ with next though. Care to share with us NGC?

  • bleh says:

    She can toy with me anytime she wants! ( ;) )
    I’m not too partial to who she fights next, so long as we get to see her again soon. :-)

  • OldBear says:

    I still would like a video where she gets dominated herself or at the very least has a much more even contest where she gets to sell a lot more. So far she hasn’t had too many opportunities to be on the receiving end. Even the alt endings where she loses have been pretty abrupt (like she will dominate a whole video and then get KO’d with one punch).

    Any chance of her ever being in a more back and forth fight or even getting squashed herself by a heroine or other villainess? It’s probably not the most popular idea, unfortunately. But I would love something along those lines.

    By the way, I don’t think Dominator is listed under the character section of this site. Unless I am missing her name.

  • editor says:

    Yes it could be interesting indeed. Good point about the character page. I didn’t do one initially as she was only a Championship character, but she has appeared in 1 video on this site so maybe I should do one.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Oh yeah! I forgot about my desire for seeing The Dominator get dominated. Thanks for reminding me about that one OldBear. Please make it happen NGC. I’m sure Katia or Myanna will be more than up to task of taming this villainess.

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