Photo Of The Day: June 20th

Remember when Miss Freedom became a Fail-Safe Sister for the day? One of my favourite videos. What is your favourite Miss Freedom video?

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  • DrMabuse says:

    So many…

    Secret Defeat, her and Celestia’s battle with the Hammer in Season 2, the Eliza Rose dimension match-up, her fight with Virtue, her last appearance… and how can I forget the many, many times she’s fallen victim to mind control!

  • Jeff says:

    It is difficult to chose from all the awesome videos she has been featured in so far, with a few great costumes to go with those videos too! But I would have to say that for me it would the Championship match between her and Angel.

  • Chris says:

    Hypnoshock… Really hard to decide the best because she was such an entertaining heroine. Wowee!

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