This Weeks Members Gifts

This Friday we will be including some special Athena out-takes for members who open their email and buy a copy of Season 4 Episode 9: Towering Doom

After 48 hours this will get taken down so you have to hurry and buy your copy. Some pretty amazing stuff from ‘Triad Of Terror’ that stayed on the cutting room floor. Here are some caps:


You’d be MAD to miss it. Look out for the email and check your spam or whitelist us next chance you get.


Comments for: This Weeks Members Gifts

  • toshiki says:

    Will be buying the episode JUST for these if nothing else! More F/F cradle carries please and thank you! Why would you cut them!? Also, I don’t see a season 4 episode 9. Where is that for sale?

  • editor says:

    Episode 9 is the film these gifts will be attached to. So you’ll get an email if you are a member on Friday and if you buy within 48 hours of the email you will get both Episode 9 and the Athena out-takes.

  • toshiki says:

    I see, thank you. I will buy it. More like these please!

  • Richard says:

    LOVE outtakes,especially with this lovely goddess :)

  • Aspen says:

    Oh man, can we purchase the original Triad of Terror still? I see it was members only 4 years ago but I wasn’t a member back then.

  • JB says:

    Athena, yes! Able to say how long the out-take footage is and more about what kind of things it includes (i.e. is it unused fight footage)??

  • editor says:

    Just under 2 minutes, angles/shots from the film we didn’t use but were kind of terrific.

  • Josh says:

    Anything with Athena is must have for me lol

  • Mario says:

    I really really really really miss her. I hope we’ll some more episodes with her in the future. PLEASE!!!

  • Edward says:

    Where can I buy Triad of Terror? The pics of Athena vs the two women look amazing,

  • ConstantlyLion says:

    What we need is more eye rolls / cross eye over the top expressions :)

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