Kandy Crisis #12 – 1st Previews

Kandy Crisis is back and Diva wants to know what happened to AJ after she was defeated by Helena and Etna. Where did they take her? And what are they doing to her wherever she is? Diva decides to visit the fight league AJ joined as The Blonde Bayonet ‘disguised’ as a reporter. She has an insider there called ‘Deep Pocket’ giving her some info, but it turns out that for the really good stuff she will have to fight and question her opponents in the ring! All of this to come at

Comments for: Kandy Crisis #12 – 1st Previews

  • lawrence says:

    Man she makes the blue bird costume look good

  • pdbxdzk says:

    Oh, the virtues of white boots went to her feet, and that I had to buy!

  • Maf says:

    Looks great, do we get a discount email for this one in the regular mail suscription for NGC or do we sign up somewhere else?

  • editor says:

    You will get the typical NGC email with links for this one.

  • Geo says:

    She’s very different. Even though I have loved her first appearance, where she fought Hit Woman, she seems to be in better shape now. Besides that, she seems to be a good second choice for both Bluebird or Athena, because she has combined a lot with these outfits! It would be amazing to see another Bluebird (Bluebird 2?) with another alter-ego, just like it happens in the comics. And regardless of her looks, I’ve always found Diva one of the best acts of NGC. Detail: I love that hot nipple slip!

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