Photo Of The Day: September 14th

Two top gals.

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  • Darkwrath016 says:

    I can see the title of this already. “Miss Freedom. Civil War”

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    And here’s how the teams would be form (in my opinion):
    Team Miss Freedom: Spectrum would naturally ally herself with Miss Freedom given the events of S4 ep10. infinity Girl became fast friends with Spectrum during season 4 so she’ll ally herself with Spectrum. Virtue, still bitter over Erica not heeding her repeated warnings early in season 4 and the need for more recruits which resulted in the beating she took from Filth wants Miss Freedom as leader and not Erica. Red Glory experienced first hand how things shaped up for Elite Force under Erica’s leadership and wants to see Miss Freedom as leader once more

    Team Athena: Bluebird hates Miss Freedom so she would be in opposition to her just on principle. Erica believes that she’ll be a better leader of Elite Force (despite nearly running it to the ground) than Miss Freedom. Starshot, eager to make a name of herself would prefer the leadership of Erica rather than that of Miss Freedom who has increased her ever controlling grip on Elite Force and stifled out young talent. Wonder strike has taken to the idea that she’s the heir of Miss Freedom and what better way to test her strength than to take on the former leader and idol.

  • editor says:

    Some nice ideas. I would like to see that film, but I wouldn’t like to make it!

  • Josh says:

    These two are to Elite Force what Superman & Wonder Woman are to the Justice League in my opinion #LEGENDS

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