Member Gift: Angel Season 1

To go with the end of the seasons format we thought it would be nice to pair it with something from the beginning. Season 1 Episode 2 is really what made NGC take off and is a large part of why we are still making videos. Here are some unseen clips from that wildly popular release for you to enjoy IF you purchase Season 4 Episode 11: Hell & Back within 48 hours of its release on Friday. After that it gets deleted.

Comments for: Member Gift: Angel Season 1

  • Maf says:

    When the members gift might be the best thing. One questiĆ³n tough, work takes me away from any computer for 2 weeks, if i buy it and don’t download the members gift this weekend, will it be possible to download it at a later date?

  • editor says:

    No sorry. The whole point of the members gift and its time limit is to push members into buying while the release is still fresh in their minds. With dozens of videos coming out every month for people to choose from if the first 48 hours aren’t successful then the release is effectively dead. For that reason I am extremely hard line about the time limits on this. I can’t actually think of an analogy extreme enough or put into words just how hard line I am on this matter.

  • Kostmeyer says:

    Angel was a fantastic character – hope we see more of her, or at least resolve her story in some way. This was a great film, really looking forward to this weekend’s release :)

  • Maf says:

    Ok thanks for the clarification. I intended on purchasing the video, the problem is that very limited internet and only having my phone with me doesn’t really allow me to download the files (i think i wasn’t clear enough before, sorry) i guessed i could request new links for the episode later, but the members gifts seem to be just temporaly stored in the servers then. Thanks again for the patience

  • Kelly says:

    Is there anyway you can extend the members only package Angel package til the 21st? I have been a huge NGC fan since season 1 episode 2! Angel is the whole reason I’m a fan! The only problem is I don’t get paid til the 21st, so I cant purchase within the 48 hours! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS ONE EXCEPTION!!!!!

  • editor says:

    Very sorry, but I’m very clear on this. The second I start making exceptions everyone will just ignore the deadline and email me when they feel like it.

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