Photo Of The Day: November 13th

HUGE release ‘Hell & Back’ out this coming weekend. The unforeseen Season 4 Episode 11 is almost upon you!

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: November 13th

  • Echo419Alpha says:

    My bank account and routing numbers are as follows: ….. ;-) OMG yes THIS!

  • Kostmeyer says:

    I’m really looking forward to this story – and the mini-skirt-less Miss Freedom outfit is great! Why haven’t we seen this look before?! That said I liked all of her outfits (except maybe the one with the cut out sides)

  • Raiderman says:

    God its great to have her back!!!

  • editor says:

    It’s what she is forced to wear while being uncooperative, she wouldn’t choose it herself probably.

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