Photo Of The Day: November 14th

Candy Race we hope to see back early in 2018.

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: November 14th

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    That’s great news. Her debut film was pretty good and with more time in front of the camera, I can see her becoming one of my favorites in due course. Would be even better news if you promised us a release in the first week of 2018! Nice little new years gift I’d say.

  • editor says:

    I think we’re having that week off, but I’m hopefing it won’t be long before she reappears.

  • DrMabuse says:

    Agree with Darkwrath about Candy Race–another great addition. This is the reason why I don’t mind too much when my favs (Shadowstar, Suki, Comet Girl, etc.) disappear from the NGC universe. There are always new actresses (Spectrum, Starshot, Infinity Girl, etc.) arriving to take their place who bring their own enthusiasm and talents.

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