Photo Of The Day: November 15th

What’s your fave Deceptress vid from the main site?

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: November 15th

  • DrMabuse says:

    Top position goes to “My Chloroform Hell”, but that’s partly due to the gimmick and partly due to the presence of Celestia. Limited to only episodes where Erica is the sole heroine, I’d give pride of place to “Tough Justice” from Season 4.

  • Maf says:

    Season 3 side mission 3 with alternate ending, would have loved that brutal beatdown to go on forever! Loved the bearhug!

  • Kostmeyer says:

    She was great in Season 4 Episode 7 too!

  • Josh says:

    Season 2 Side Mission 12

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Tough. Real tough. I’ve only gotten on the Erica bandwagon since her costume change so I’ve got a limited selection to choose from. No episode truly stands out but I’d say Chaos Reigns, from Season 4 episode 3 if I had to pick one. Second place goes to Tough Justice from season 4 special mission 10 if only because it was great seeing Erica tap out when the villain was trying to crush her head after all the tough talk she gave. All the better when we see Erica rubbing her temples afterwards.

  • OldBear says:

    Strangely enough, I really enjoyed her debut video. Made great use of her doppelganger ability throughout the entire video and the fights were pretty brutal. To top it off, the ending was well done where the villains mercilessly kill what they think is the real Erica, but it ends up being the doppelganger.

    In a time where we didn’t have win/lose endings, it allowed you to have a really brutal finish for the heroine, but still let them actually survive the video.

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