Photo Of The Day: December 3rd

Who was your star of 2017?

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: December 3rd

  • Rob Hinx says:

    Bluebird with a special mention to Sister Fate.

  • Michael Hodyl says:

    Bluebird is always my star

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Well to answer the original question that would be Spectrum (obviously). More importantly, what happened to Infinity Girl? There have been no hints of any new videos with her and she hasn’t appeared in the blog since September! Do tell me she’s returning for 2018 at least.

  • editor says:

    Infinity Girl is a world traveler but when she’s here we want to make stuff with her.

  • bleh says:

    Any time Dominika makes an appearance, its an event.

  • bleh says:

    (oops, hit submit on accident, I was going to write,…but I’d sure like to see The Steel Sister return, even if only to put a proper finish on that story).

  • DrMabuse says:

    I’ve got to say Starshot, who elevates everything she’s in (same could be said for Miss Freedom), but Infinity Girl is a close second. She’s the star of several of my favorite videos of the past year (her debut, Masks & Identities, Settling Scores, the Villain Network) and I really like her character concept. Love to see whatever she’s in next.

    Spectrum is fantastic, but great as she is, she starred in a couple of vids this year that didn’t land for me (Six Powers, the Cyborg one.)

  • editor says:

    Well if we all liked the same things the world would be pretty boring, or excellent, who knows? We really like working with Infinity Girl and hopefully fate will allow us to do more.

  • editor says:

    Unlikely I’m afraid.

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