Game Of Two Halves: 1st Previews

Our main story continues as we join Wonderstrike near the scene of devastation that Candy abandoned Deja Vu for. With things now settling down, Wonderstrike is giving the news media the lowdown on events. With Darkheart activity to blame it is important to stay vigilant. However, when our heroine is left alone she gets a chance to put that into practice when faced with the mighty Alaric! How could this be?! Coming this weekend to this website.



Comments for: Game Of Two Halves: 1st Previews

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Three things:
    1) Wow! This is looking amazing. That backbreaker. Wonderstrike knocked out on the floor. Costume destruction. De-booted. Curse that it is only Monday!
    2) Who’s that interviewing Wonderstrike? Hmmmm? Last time it was Malacia Divine and we all know that she has some questionable motives.
    3) Alaric alive!?!? And it’s cannon!?!? Surely that means Comet Girl is alive and that’ll be cannon too.

  • Art says:

    a debooting? what a blessing. I hope she gets beaten with her own boots like what happened to Celestia in Season 4, ep 1!

  • editor says:

    Well, you never know.

  • bleh says:

    Looks absolutely delectable…can’t wait for Friday.

  • NR says:

    Debooted showing those lovely legs! Glossy tights always a good decision!

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