Starshot v Hotshot – 1st Previews

THIS FRIDAY at – ‘The Battle Of The SHOTS’ as Starshot takes on Hotshot in a bruising encounter. There appears to be no love lost between these heroine beauties and with bragging rights up for grabs which of them will come out on top? YOU DECIDE… simply visit and scroll to the bottom of the main page where you can vote in our poll for who you want to win. Poll closes on Wednesday.



Comments for: Starshot v Hotshot – 1st Previews

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Mind telling me what I’m suppose to do NGC between today and Friday now that you’ve teased me with these stunning preview pictures. And then for two more days you’re going to give us drips and drabs of this awesome release to come. That’s cruel NGC. That’s cruel and unusual punishment. I pegged you for a better person.

  • editor says:

    Ha! No I’m seldom the better person. It will soon come around.

  • Chris says:

    I’m very very happy to see Starshot back. Good lord she looks great here. Love her hair… and Monday to Thursday could have no friggin previews to look forward to throughout the week at all. Now that would be cruel.

  • bleh says:

    What’s cruel is having to pick a winner.
    I SO want to see both of them lose, why not do the alternate ending thing, or release the video as a “2 fer” where each entire battle goes in favour of one of the heroines….maybe that’s too expensive and time consuming to be worthwhile…either way, I can’t vote for this one. I want both heroines to lose…and badly! 3>)

  • bleh says:

    …sorry, that should read “..each of the heroines”, not, “…one of the heroines”.

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