The Bluebird Show – Trailer

Out on Friday for Members, and Sunday for everyone else…¬†Bluebird has been given her own TV show by the Heroine Network, where she gets to answer questions about her amazing victories and chat to guests. Her first guest is…. Her arch-nemesis Alaric! Oh dear.

Comments for: The Bluebird Show – Trailer

  • Rob HInx says:

    Haven’t watched the trailer or the teaser but the some of the photos tell me that there’s more to this than just a fight…what is in that bottle? I doubt Alaric is giving Bluebird an iced tea to refresh her.
    Come on Friday get here already!

  • Chris says:

    Very happy to see this. Who doesn’t love Bluebird? She looks amazing as always. Plus, the members gift this week is from a stellar episode. One of the first I ever saw from NGC. So yeah, this Friday release is going to make for a great Friday.

  • editor says:

    You’ve not watched the trailer? Why?

  • editor says:

    I hope so.

  • Rob Hinx says:

    Bluebird is pretty much an automatic buy for me and I like to watch the videos ‘fresh’ without too much idea of what’s going to happen.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    You sir Rob Hinx have a degree of self control that I can’t even dream of having. Can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I’ve tried the same thing only to not just binge on preview pictures and watch trailers a 100 times, but to watch the heroine’s previous work dozens of times too.

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