Photo Of The Day: August 4th

Deja Vu undercover?

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  • Rob Hinx says:

    I hope she has more luck than Bluebird did when she went under cover.

  • mike3 says:

    OMG yes please! She is so gorgeous! If there is an upcoming film starring Deja and it starts out with her undercover, falling into some peril, then transforming into her heroine outfit only to go on to suffer defeat…wow that would be an instant buy for me!

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Oh wow! I’m all down for this. She look utterly fantastic dressed like that. I’ve been looking forward to her next outing for a while now. Hopefully that’s soon.

  • JohnG says:

    gulp…..what a physique…I’m speechless….

  • mike3 says:

    Hmmm, so I tried posting a comment here yesterday that awaited moderation, and apparently it gets deleted. While I wrote about my excitement for a possible upcoming Deja Vu film, I didn’t think it was in any way tasteless, but YMMV I guess. Is there some kind of special club in which I need to be a member for my posts to be accepted? It sure feels that way. I’ve posted comments in the past that haven’t “made the grade” even though I never said anything hateful, tasteless, etc. It just gets to the point where, despite having been a long time NGC fan, being put in any situation where I’m made to not feel accepted, it simply gets old. Sometimes making someone feel accepted can go a long way, and to not show any of my comments (even if they’re not tasteless at all) doesn’t exactly make me feel accepted here. I never posted anything creepy or anything to that effect. I really don’t understand it, but that’s ok because if you don’t feel the need to allow my genuine heart-felt comments, I won’t feel the need to buy any more of your products. But that’s fine with you, right? Because no doubt others will continue to buy your videos for a long time. You’ll probably read this comment and share it with others so you all can laugh about me, even though I have been a loyal customer for a long time. That’s ok, I’ve never asked for special treatment and you definitely won’t have to worry about getting my business from this point forth. So, my apologies for bothering you and making posts that don’t “make the cut” in your eyes. And thank you for allowing me to purchase your videos in the past. Good luck, as I am sure you will continue being very successful in this genre, even if you lose one loyal customer.

    ^^^Of course, as the rest of the comments I tried making in the past, I won’t expect this comment to make it on to this page but at least I tried to make my feelings known.

  • cyrille says:

    it’s for a future video ?

    i hope :) déja vu deserve more on your site (Starshot too but i will say that on the next starshot post on your blog :)

  • editor says:

    Erm… Que? You’ll see that your earlier posting has been approved because as you suggested, there was nothing wrong with it. This part of the job is a one man operation. I’m not McDonald’s or Wal-Mart with some immense customer service department. Every comment that makes it onto this board has to be manually approved because I can get anywhere between 100 and 1000 spam comments a DAY. So approving everything would destroy this board.

    It is therefore possible that something you posted in the past wasn’t posted because it can be hard to catch them all between the masses of spam, inevitably stuff slips through the net. Occasionally I get an inappropriate or mean spirited comment but they are very infrequent.

    I have been a bit slower this past weekend because a family member sadly died and I had to travel a long way to the funeral, which took out a chunk of the weekend where I might normally check this.

    Anyway, I’ve approved your comments, even this one.

  • Camran9 says:

    Anymore coming soon of Deja Vu? What an amazing fighter in the first 2 movies. Wow….

  • editor says:

    Really hope so.

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