Photo Of The Day: September 29th

How would you feel about the return of Kandy Crisis? Who would you want to be involved?

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  • Oladeji Oriola says:

    1. Are you saying You no longer do Kandy Crisis? Its been a while.
    2. I would like to see Diva wearing exactly what she is wearing in this picture. You should probably make this her default costume.

  • bleh says:

    …would it possible to move the actress pictured above into the NGC universe?

  • Oladeji Oriola says:

    1. Are you implying that you no longer do Kandy Crisis?
    2. I chose Diva, and I hope she’s wearing this exact same costume please.

  • Rob Hinx says:

    I’m not totally familiar with the KK series (I only have the one episode that featured Silver) but from what I saw it looks like a fun concept. If you have an idea for a story or stories then I think it’s worth going for.

  • Pulphead says:

    Yes! It will be an instant buy! always Kix is an good option. The new kandy girls are good as well. Sienna and eden

  • Ken says:

    Would love to see more wonder-diva in action

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    I am all for the return of Kandy Crisis if it stars the amazing actress Diva. Her performance in Kandy Crisis 12 and 13 was one of the all time greats. I’ll also be happy with Kix returning as well

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    I agree with Bleh. I would love to see Diva moved (somehow) into the NGC universe. That would be awesome. A good second option would be to introduce her into the Action Cosplay universe and have her star as Wonder-Diva.

  • Ryonaking says:

    I mainly get the KC series because I like the actress. Especially Kix and Vixen. Why not just have them in the NGC series?

  • Wrecker says:

    More Kandy Crisis would be AMAZING! I’d love to see the new girl Eden in some tough situations.

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