Story: Stolen Victory – TRAILER

Out this Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… Lady Victory takes on 2 of NGC’s most dangerous villains of all-time. In her own backyard Lady V is as strong as they come, but Alaric and Myanna at once? It’s going to be tough.

Comments for: Story: Stolen Victory – TRAILER

  • Chris says:

    Looks like another splendid episode! I’m happy to see these characters on screen together. What i appreciate most about the NGC universe is the high caliber of everyone involved. On screen and behind the camera. NGC doesn’t cut corners. For years, there’s been a steady flow of great content and this episode looks like it will fit right in. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Richard says:

    Sold….just so freakin’ sold :)

  • editor says:

    Very kind.

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