Alaric v Starshot & Wonderstrike – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY! Our first release of the year sees the deadly Alaric taking on the dynamic duo of Starshot and Wonderstrike in a handicap-tag-battle. Alaric is outnumbered but is he outgunned by the heroines? Find out on Friday at


Comments for: Alaric v Starshot & Wonderstrike – 1st Previews

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Oh Starshot. Is there really anyone better than you in the entire industry? I think not, as evident by pictures 3 and 5. They just speak for themselves.

  • bleh says:

    This looks GOOD!…and pic #2 – Wonderstrike shows a little muscle. That’s worth the price of admission alone! Definate buy.

  • Bragr says:

    Pics 2 and 4 are my favs. Best production company in the industry? Without question.

  • Maf says:

    Wow Starshot is really rocking that long hair!!

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