Photo Of The Day: December 20th

Lucy usually lost her fights, but who do you think is most in need of a win from our characters past and present?


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  • Leroy says:

    Will we be seeing Lucy any time soon next year?

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    I can think of several good candidates, but I’m going to say Lady Victory, who’s had a string of consequential losses (in the Championship and otherwise) which includes being killed, kidnapped, surrendering her title, losing her city, and generally being humiliated. Maybe having the name “Lady Victory” is tempting fate too much.

    “Miracle Maiden” appearances have gone better, but that’s a different character, and she’s been losing those lately as well.

  • editor says:

    We don’t have anything in the can at the moment I’m afraid.

  • Rob Hinx says:

    It would be fun to see some of the Action Cosplay girls in the ring. If it were possible (and I guess it probably isn’t) a fight between Supreme Girl and Mia Melee ‘Supergirl’ would be all kinds of awesome. Or maybe Shadow Fox versus Feline Fury.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Well I know who I would *like* to see win a couple of her fights and that’s Spectrum. However Championship record aside, she’s had a couple key victories such as defeating the two Tower Brothers, a shared victory in the defeat of Myanna with the odds heavily stacked against her and a tough victory against a cyborg specifically created to destroy her. Forgetting once again, the Championship, Lady Victory also has a couple victories under her belt with her only defeats occurring at the hands of Curse twice. Both girls need championship wins though.

    The real answer is Virtue who debuted in 2015, has appeared in 16 fights and has only won two. And she suffered two really humiliating defeats from Filth and Dominator.

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