Photo Of The Day: December 2nd

Loved this shoot, and she looked DYNAMITE here!

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: December 2nd

  • Bragr says:

    Did you get David Bailey in for that shoot? Ever thought about bringing out an NGC calendar? When will we get a movie with Erica in that outfit?

  • Rob Hinx says:

    Erica does seem to enjoy playing with the NGC dress up box!

  • Hagarb says:

    Take my money and make it happen, sir!

  • Ullisfaer says:

    Do you think we could see a video with guns along with the usual fighting? I know there have been guns in previous episodes but nobody has ever been shot

  • editor says:

    We probably will at some stage, I guess I’ve not done it because guns would be mostly ineffective, it also means a lot of fx shot set up which is often fine but I’d rather be more active. We’ll see.

  • editor says:

    I would love to do more photos hoots like this one. I could probably set up a whole new release schedule just for photos but don’t know the level of interest. Sadly it is unlikely that we will do an Erica as Dynamite Doll video.

  • editor says:

    Dedicated photoshoots allow for this kind of thing!

  • editor says:

    Where is it? :)

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    I’m not much into photosets generally, but I’ve been loving the photos you guys have been making recently. They’re fresh and creative, great for giving the actresses different looks and depicting short action/peril scenarios. I’d be very interested in a regular schedule of photosets.

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