Photo Of The Day: January 1st

Happy New Year! We’ve got so much fun planned for the future, including this heroine… though she probably won’t be wearing this, it was just for fun!

Comments for: Photo Of The Day: January 1st

  • rubster says:

    But it looks good on her though. Happy New Year. Looking forward too see our favourite heroines strugle through 2019 ;-)

  • Rob Hinx says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for all the great releases last year and here’s to 2019!
    The space girl outfit is fantastic and I love the pose!

  • Chris says:

    “though she probably won’t be wearing this”?
    I do hope you change your mind about that one because she looks gorgeous and fills out a catsuit perfectly.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    I agree with the above. The space girl outfit looks great, and a “Queen of Outer Space” or “Invasion of the Star Creatures” type scenario would be fun.

  • Darkwath016 says:

    Sounds like a Villains Network idea to me Dr Mabuse.

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