STORY: Bid for Capture – 1st Previews

As the number of free Elite Force heroines diminishes, only a small number remain. Starshot is one, and we join her in serious trouble attempting to fight both Sister Fate and the Iron Drone at once. Surely she has no hope? Unless something VERY unexpected happens. Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website!


Comments for: STORY: Bid for Capture – 1st Previews

  • dobby says:

    Wow!! Never thought I’d see Celestia again. Count me in!!
    Is it me or does she look a little bit pregnant???

  • rubster says:

    So happy she is back. Little bit in a cheerleader outfit. But so what it’s Celestia.

  • Richard says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Not wild about the skirt but she’s back ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :)

  • AlyAdmirer says:

    @dobby Depends on when this was filmed. She mentioned being 9 months pregnant in a tweet from early November.

  • Maf says:

    NGC leave my wallet alone!! ^^

  • 2013 says:

    Why do you change the costume? Totally unnecessary.

  • editor says:

    Well… the previous costume was destroyed in her last video, so we needed a new one… and also for reasons explained in the upcoming video, she wanted to have a sash style skirt. So I could have said “Piss off, I don’t want you back actually.” Which is what you might have done. Or I say “No problem, I want you to be comfortable and it will be great to have you back.” Which is what I did. Totally necessary.

  • editor says:

    To clear it up, and I don’t mind because it is not something we shy away from in the video, the character is pregnant as the actress was when we shot this last year. We don’t shoot in winter months because it sucks, so anything you are likely to see in the next 3 months was shot in 2018. We have nothing older than that in the can.

  • Richard says:

    Just glad to have her back and hopefully there will be more.As for the father,you lucky #@**^ :)

  • 2014 says:

    I apologize. My comment was unfair, I was in a bad mood when I made it.

  • editor says:

    No problem.

  • David says:

    Welcome back Celestia.

  • dobby says:

    Thanks AlyAdmirer and editor,
    I’m not usually that observant but it’s Celestia and she was alsays my favourite. Was under the impression that she’d moved on to other things…..(looks like motherhood!!)

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