Bluebird Q & A

The amazing Bluebird has agreed to do a Q and A on video for us but we need some questions to give to her so she can answer them. If you have any you can ask them in the comments section to this post OR just email me at and we will see if we can get you your answer!

Comments for: Bluebird Q & A

  • DanLSS says:

    I’d like to know her opinion on hardest fight for the character of Bluebird, and then hardest fight for her as an actress to make?

  • Matthew Richardson says:

    Who’s your favorite opponent that you love to battle against and as an actress who inspired you?

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Can I ask two questions? I’m going to ask two questions:

    1) Where do you (Bluebird) fall on the Bluebird-Miss Freedom schism that occurred in the late stages of season 3. Miss Freedom had her reasons for not wanting to save Bluebird from captivity (sure) but do you think Bluebird was being a little unreasonable or even unforgiven in attacking first Celestia and then Miss Freedom. Or was Bluebird right in wanting to pull Miss Freedom’s hair out

    2) Given everything you know about Bluebird and the heroines of seasons 1-3 of NGC, who do you think Bluebird likes the most and why. Do you think she would get along with any of the newer heroines of season 4+.

  • Christopher says:

    Though ill add a qualifier and state that I hope she liked the original outfit or the silver catsuit / hot-pants combo but I have to ask: which was her favourite costume, and which one did she dislike?

  • David says:

    I would like to know if she will be resuming her career as Bluebird.

  • Michael Hodyl says:

    Hi Bluebird what was best u involved in? And who was ur fave villain u fight against?

  • bleh says:

    I’d like to know how the actress originally got involved with NGC?
    Was it as simple as answering an ad in a newspaper or was it some epic night of happenstance circumstances that dominoed from one instance to another, culminating into a chance meeting with the people who would catapult her to fame and fortune as the world’s most popular internet super heroine!
    …and yes, I realize that sounds like the plot to a 1980’s teen movie….Please forgive me. I’m older than I look. =)

  • Deji Oriola says:

    1. Will she ever appear again? we havent seen her in a while.
    2. If she does appear again, can she wear the silver suit again? minus the blue trunks.

  • Thom says:

    Hows life as Sister Fate’s slave?

  • Russell Christophel says:

    Bluebird is a favorite and love her outfit and big black boots she wears…:)

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