Photo Of The Day: December 1st

If only we’d met Infinity Girl sooner… some heroines had fewer than 5 videos, who do you wish we’d done more with?

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  • Darkwarth016 says:

    The Steel Sister for sure. Remains to this day a tragedy that we only got two really fantastic performances from her and then she disappeared.

  • Justin says:

    I’m much newer I know but any reason why names like Red Glory and infinity girl didn’t appear in a lot of videos and are not featured anymore

  • editor says:

    In most cases it is either because the actress moves away or they simply stop acting.

  • NR says:

    Infinity girl is definitely top of my list. I have everything you did with her. Other than that I would’ve liked to seen more of Carmen Black or Katherine Marks

  • Rob Hinx says:

    Katherine Marks was so good, it would have been great to see more of her. Nina Hellfire too; a rematch with Bluebird or Celestia would have been superb.

  • rubster says:

    Lucy Zillion, Carmen Black lll and Infinity girl

  • James says:

    Catherine Marks for sure; Deja Vu and Hotshot of the recent actresses.

  • Mario says:

    I’ve three favorites… Deceptress, Katherine Marks and Athena. As far as I know, Katherine and Athena stopped acting (or similar). But maybe it’s possible to find any other actress wearing their outfits? That would be great :-)
    Fortunately you’re doing many stuff with Deceptress. Unfortunately her cloning ability isn’t shown that often. Maybe you can use it more often in the future? I hope to see it again in a fight 2 vs 1 as in season 2 (episode 3). Hopefully in her classical catsuit outfit :-)
    I also like Wonderstike. Her destruction in season 4 (story 3) was amazing. Hope to see something on Deceptress?

  • Dr G says:

    Other than Infinity Girl, both Miracle Maidens ! They are both awesome !

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Definitely agree with Steel Sister, Infinity Girl, and Catherine Marks (as I’ve said before), but I’m going to say… Magenta. She was great in the few appearances she made and (more importantly) never made it out of the Training Room! I would’ve loved to see her in a full episode.

  • bleh says:

    Darkwraith hit it on the nose….The Steel Sister

  • L says:

    Pandora Gold and Livy Zillion are the 2 I wish was in more

  • Kostmeyer says:

    So many! Catherine Marks definitely – such a great look, and more stories to tell I’m sure – does anyone ever get to just retire? Nina Hellfire was brilliant – and I always liked Magenta too.

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