Dreams of the Future: 1st Previews

At last Dreamweaver returns to action in this non-canon adventure as she takes on Sister Fate. Both of these ladies have powers that would baffle any opponent, do they baffle each other? Who will come out on top? Find out on Friday if you are a member and Sunday on this website!


Comments for: Dreams of the Future: 1st Previews

  • Y2J 1990 says:

    The lovely Dreamweaver pummeled by Sister Fate? I’ll be picking this up on Friday.

  • rubster says:

    Can Sister Fate also be a heroine some day after an accidental switch by some stupid professors machine? Maybe in an Amazon outfit like Athena’s?

  • editor says:

    Not sure about that, she is a horrible villain, it might take an intelligent professor!

  • bleh says:

    I rather like the idea of a “good Sister Fate”, too.
    Maybe this can be some kind of team-up with a known heroine.
    A “temporary truce”, if you will, that would allow them to work together without fear of provocation, while they work together to achieve some kind of goal (i.e., defeating a villian greater than either of them).
    ….yeah, I think I like that idea…

  • Rob Hinx says:

    Well you had me at ‘Dreamweaver’ and then you add in Sister Fate;bargain!
    And picture number four totally seals the deal :)

    (And a ‘good’ sister Fate could be an interesting illusion for Dreamweaver to use against her…)

  • Rubster says:

    @editor Well yeah I know she is a bad and horrible villain. But she wants to be on the top. She wants to be the number one villain. The only way to prove that she is the best is to become a heroine and fight the villain that is in her eyes on top of the foodchain. How this will end is written in the stars ;-)

  • Jobson says:

    Gonna get this one ASAP.

  • Maf says:

    Damn i forgot how skin tight that silver catsuit was!!

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