Photo of the Day: March 29th

Majesty takes on Malicia in her first solo mission! Will her weakness to mind control cause her problems? (Yes) Find out TODAY!

Comments for: Photo of the Day: March 29th

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Good episode from Majesty. Looking forward to more from her when shooting more stuff becomes possible again.

  • Deckard says:

    I fear there will be a (usual) lack of facepunching suffered by Magesty in this otherwise very promising video. Magesty sure looks a winner and the actress is very appealing. Ânother great new protagonist and i think she will be as popular as Candy Race.
    The lack of numerous facepunches suffered by the heroines is what is for me the most glaring (and very heartfelt) flaw *sadface* on an otherwise amazing video series by the great NGC.

  • editor says:

    Well, this one isn’t an all-out physical war like a PURE or some other videos, but we’ll still do face punches. More in some than others.

  • Mario says:

    I also like this episode very much because but I also agree with Deckard. I’m missing something like face punches (or in my case leg wrenching). So, I hope there will be another PURE episode with Majesty, too.

  • Darkwarth016 says:

    Don’t worry Deckard. Majesty suffers about four face punches in this one to say nothing of the five or so slaps she also received.

  • Looney128 says:

    I want more of Majesty? :)

  • Orin says:

    There is time for play, and time for brutality. And thats what I very appreciate NGC for :D

  • editor says:

    At some point. I want to film more with her for sure.

  • Cale Solo says:

    Would love to see a Pure video with Majesty, she’s so lovely! Definitely hoping for more combat/ peril stuff with her in the future.

  • Orin says:

    Yes, I agree with Cale Solo- brutal and maybe dirty fight with her would be really great!

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