Photo of the Day: September 2nd

What’s the best Marvelette video so far?

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  • Maf says:

    Really hard to choose (in a good way). I think it’s definitively between Generation Z part 1 and Falcone’s pet. Lots of punishment in both although i liked her look a bit more in Gen Z

  • Rob Hinx says:

    I totally loved her debut but I’d have to go for Generation Z part 1. All of her adventures have been superb though.

  • Deckard says:

    Short answer:All of them.
    Longer answer: the ones where she takes the most punishment, especially facepunches.
    Marvelette looked her best in the Gen Z videos, Very straight and loose hair looks amazing on her. Very long hair becomes her perfectly.

  • orcaman001 says:

    this looks like a perfect poster picture, yet I see it as Marvelette, who has busted down the minions, and this time is actually waiting for the so called master to show up, but like so many times has not covered all the possibilities . . . as per the question, her first arrival, when ever a new character becomes live it gives the actress a chance to expand, Grow, and as marvelette has been, pretty much now becoming my YES Got to get, even the photo sets. . she just has that girl next door look, like every guy would love with the ability to pull off the action – be it winning/loosing, this picture just says ” YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE GUESS WHAT”

  • Wrecker says:

    For me it’s Falcone’s Pet. Hands down. It’s probably still in my top 3 most watched videos. Amazing peril and reactions, not to mention how amazing she looks in that costume.

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    I’m with Rob, her first one and part 1 of the Gen Z story are my favorites, but all her adventures have been excellent so far.

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